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i keep getting a "charging system failure" message on instument panel. what are

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i keep getting a "charging system failure" message on instument panel. what are the most coomon issues besides alternator and battery that I can look into. Also, it will start when on battery cables but when I put it into drive it dies.
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What is the battery voltage across the battery when engine is running?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
around 14
Check the Brown wire for 10v when the engine is running and the alternator disconnected. This is the turn on signal for the alternator. If the voltage is low with the alternator disconnected, check for a wiring problem between the Powertrain Control Module and the alternator. Check for trouble codes. Bypass the vehicle wiring by connecting a test light to B+ and connect to the alternator where the Brown wire is normally attached. If the test light comes on and the alternator quits charging, replace.

Can be a failure with the battery alternator control module.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
so, most likely this is an alternator or alternator wiring problem? or could just be the battery alternator control module? how much should i expect this issue cost with parts and labor?
This is most likely wiring or alternator. When you drop into gear its losing voltage which is not allowing enough to keep the vehicle running killing the fuel supply. If this is a wire it could cost about 1 hour to trace down so I would say around 100 if the alternator is bad for a new one at GM cost 365 and 0.5 hours of labor at dealer. if this is the module this will run your a few hundred used but I highly doubt that is the problem!
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