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2000 silverado 1500: z71..ext..power steering..front wheels

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2000 silverado 1500 4x4 63,257 5.3 z71 ext cab
I replaced ps pump due to noise,now after bleeding it does not have power steering to the right going to the left is fine.If I raise the front wheels all is fine,any ideas.

THANKS, Dennis
Hello Dennis and welcome to Just Answer.

In theory, the pump cannot cause the steering to be stiff in one direction and normal in the other. The pump's only job is to pump fluid and regulate pressure, regardless of steering input. It has no way to know which direction you turned the steering wheel. The steering gear box, however, does know the difference between left and right turns, as fluid is directed differently through the gearbox via the Spool Valve.

It is actually common for these gearboxes to give these types of symptoms, its just odd timing that it would surface after pump replacement. I suspect one of two things may have occurred:
1) a piece of dirt or debris entered the line and made its way to the gearbox and is hindering the operation of the spool valve.

2) the gearbox was faulty but was undetectable with the original pump. Once the pump failed, perhaps the new pump(s) don't have the exact same pressure or flow volume and therefore exposes the gearbox issue.

At any rate, I suspect the fix for your truck will be to replace the steering gear.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Before I accept the answer I did not want to here,but fully expected,is there any way to blow out the gearbox with compressed air or any other cleaning process that may help

Thanks for you help Dennis

I don't know of any "cleaning process" for a concern like this.
However, as a last attempt to not replace the gear box, Sea Foam "Trans Tune" is also safe for power steering systems. If its simply a matter of a sticking spool valve, the Sea Foam may help free it up.
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