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Chevrolet s 10 blazer: my 2002 chevy blazer heat switch is

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my 2002 chevy blazer heat switch is stick in one spot

just want to make sure I understand correctly - the temperature selector will not move when trying to turn it for hotter or colder?

Or when you turn it, the temperature doesnt change?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the heater hot &cold switch works good the air selector is stuck in in the air conditioning vent position will not move to defrost or floor vent

ok, if the selector switch will not move, then the switch itself is bad. the actuator that directs air flow is vacuum operated, so there are no mechanical parts such as a cable that would cause it stick.

you will need to replace the control panel assembly. If you want directions for replacing this let me know and i can upload them for you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the selector switch will move but the air flow stayes the same this happend once before the dealer that fix it siad a vacumme switch on top of transmishion han oil in it and stoped it from working

ok, thought you meant that the selector switch wouldnt move.

it could what was found last time, or a broken or disconnected vacuum line behind the dash, or broken vacuum actuator at the mode door.

does the temperature selector work ok - going between hot and cold air?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes the temp sleleector works ok

the temp select is vacuum controlled also, so we know that the climate control assembly is getting vacuum to it. This means either the vacuum line between the control assembly and the actuator is broken or disconnected on one end, or the actuator itself is bad.

to check for a broken/disconnected line as well as faulty actuator, you will need to remove quite a bit of the dash trim panel, and it does incude working around the airbag system.

If this is something you feel comfortable doing, I can upload directions to remove the trim panel pieces to access the parts you need to check
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok send it

Ok, here are directions to remove all the trim panel pieces. more to follow on next post for the actuator and control panel and vacuum lines;

NOTE: where directions say to disable the SIR(airbag) system, disconnect battery cables and wait 5 minutes before proceeding.





Customer: replied 5 years ago.
where dose the vacumme come from or how dose it get to the switch

Ok, once all that is out, you can remove the control panel to inspect for any disconnected or broken vacuum lines.


the mode door actuator is on driver's side of the hvac housing. it is round and has vacuum lines attached. check for any disconnected vacuum lines at it. if ok, then you will need a hand held vacuum gauge to test the actuator. disconnect vacuum line from control assembly to the actuator and hook vacuum line from gauge to it and apply vacuum to it to see if door will move. If it does, then replace actuator. If not, then door inside housing is broken and would require complete removal of dash and then housing to access it. this would be a 9hr job if needed.



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vacuum comes from a vacuum line running thru the firewall to the engine compartment, but we know it has vacuum as the temp selector is working

vacuum diagram:


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