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David H
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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 How do I replace the radio antenna

Resolved Question:

How do I replace the radio antenna mount on my 2005 silverado 1500? Must I remove the fender?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  David H replied 6 years ago.
No you just need to remove the cowl grill at the bottom of the windshield.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have done that and removed the three screws that hold the mount but cannot get to the plug at the end of the cable to unplug it.
Expert:  David H replied 6 years ago.
Here is the complete removal procedure.

  1. Remove the I/P trim panel.
  2. Remove the antenna mast.
  3. Remove the outboard section of the cowl vent grille panel.
  4. Remove the auxiliary battery, if equipped

  5. Object Number: 370271  Size: SH

  6. Remove the 3 bolts.
  7. Remove the cable grommet from the body.
  8. Disconnect the antenna cable from the extension cable.
  9. Tie a long wire to the antenna cable.
  10. From outside of the vehicle, pull the antenna base and cable assembly until the wire can be easily accessible.
  11. Ensure part of the wire is still in the vehicle

  12. Remove the wire from the antenna cable.


  1. From outside the vehicle, tie the wire to the new antenna cable and base assembly.
  2. From inside the vehicle, pull on the long wire until the cable can be connected and grommet seated.
  3. Install the cable grommet to the body.

  4. Object Number: 370271  Size: SH

  5. Remove the wire and connect the antenna cable to the cable extension.

  7. Install the 3 bolts.
  8. Tighten
    Tighten the bolts to 5 N·m (44 lb in).

  9. Install the auxiliary battery, if equipped.
  10. Notice: Use tape on the tool surface so that you do not damage the paint on the antenna mast.

  11. Install the antenna mast.
  12. Tighten
    Tighten the mast to 6 N·m (53 lb in).

  13. Install the outboard section of the cowl vent grille panel.
  14. Install the I/P trim panel.
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