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1998 Chevy Blazer: I replace the rear hatch lift struts/supports..2wd

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How do I replace the rear hatch lift struts/supports on a 1998 Chevy Blazer, 4dr, 2wd
do you have the new struts yet?if you look at the back side of the new struts you should see a little peice of meteal bent around each end of you see that?if you do you use a small flat blade screw driver and pop those both off the old struts.once those are poped out the strut will pop right off.install the new ones just by poping them in place of where the old ones need to touch those metal clips on the new ones.they will self lock when you pop them this picture looking at the top of the strut you will see the metal clip.graphic
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No, I don't have the new struts yet, the olds ones just started failing suddenly yesterday. I'll go get them today and give it a try. The upper end of the strut is in a tight place on the side of the hatch, when I have more light I'll go take a peek. Thanks for the help. Any other hints on replacing the struts? I know I should do one at a time. what about extending or compressing the new strut? I assume they will be fully extended when installing and the weight of the hatch compresses them?



one at a time once you pop out the old clips on the old struts they will pop off by hand.since the glass is up or being held up by someone when you pop in the new ones(the new ones will be extended) just hold the glass fully up and align the struts to the pins coming out of the body and pop them in by hand.once they are both in you will be fine.the good thing is the old ones are getting thrown out so just use a screwdriver and pop the old clips right out
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

OK, thanks. Just to be sure, when you say "glass", you also mean the full Blazer lift gate too? The glass is a part of the lift gate that is separate. My struts that failed are for the entire Blazer rear lift gate.




Ready to accept!!!

even when you accept you can always get me back threw this post if you have any further questions reguarding those strut installation.yes those also are removed the same way as the glass ones
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