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Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ How do i replace the actuator

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How do i replace the actuator on the rear passenger (crew cab) for a 2008 Silverado HD?
Do you mean the door lock actuator?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes. The door lock is not moving up or down i can physically see it is trying to move but it wont so i think the switch is good. I took it to two dealers and they both guessed the actuator.

This is a very common problem with these trucks. I have seen this may times and it seams to be more common when it gets hot out side. Here are some directions on how to replace the actuator. It takes me about 10 minutes but I would guess it may take you around 1 hour. Its not too hard of a job.


First you must remove the door panel.


Rear Side Door Trim Panel Replacement (SLT)
Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: MF





Rear Side Door Locking Rod Knob Assembly


  1. Lower the window.
  2. Ensure the locking rod is in the unlocked position.
  3. Use a flat-bladed tool to disengage detent tab, then remove knob by pulling upward.
  4. When re-installing, push the knob down, until the detent tab touches locking rod opening cover.
  5. Push the detent tab in to lock knob to locking rod.




Rear Side Door Trim Panel Cover




Rear Side Door Trim Panel Cover Retainer (Qty: 4)




Rear Side Door Inside Handle Bezel Cover




Rear Side Door Trim Panel Bolt (Qty: 3)

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in the Preface section.

9 N·m (18 lb in)




Rear Side Door Trim Panel Assembly


  1. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
  2. There are 2 hooks located on the lower portion of the door trim panel that are being used for service and manufacturing installation.
  3. If these hooks are damaged during either removal or installation of the door trim panel, replacement of the panel is not required.




Rear Side Door Cable Retainer


  1. Depress both tabs to remove cable and pull cable rearward out of handle assembly.
  2. When reinstalling cable make sure that it is fully seated past the guide tab.




Rear Side Door Trim Panel Retainer (Qty: 10)





After you get the door panel off, remove the water deflector. You do not have to take it off completely just pull it out of your way.


Rear Side Door Water Deflector Replacement
Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: MF

Now you can remove the door lock actuator.



Rear Side Door Lock Replacement (Crew Cab)
Object Number:(NNN) NNN-NNNN Size: MF






Inside Door Handle Cable Retainer Clip




Rear Side Door Lock Screw (Qty: 3)

Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in the Preface section.


  1. Release the outside door handle rod from the door lock clip.
  2. The mandatory sequence is 3, 1, 2.

10 N·m (89 lb in)




Rear Side Door Lock


  1. Disconnect the electrical plug.
  2. Transfer all parts to the new lock.








Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the answer, how much do you think this will cost me to replace? Assuming i buy all of the parts needed...

I think the actuator runs around $120 but not sure. You may want to ask your local dealership for help on this issue since its such a common problem. They can do a "goodwill" warranty repair for you at no cost but you have to ask.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank You XXXXX XXXXX, I will ACCEPT ANSWER but now you have me very interested in the "Goodwill" does one go about asking for this? The reason i ask is the two dealers i visited made no mention of this and i don't know who or how i would go about asking for this. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on this?
How many miles on the truck and have you been going to one of the dealers for any repairs and/or service?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I live in Colorado and believe it or not I just purchased the truck in Texas last week. I think I see where your going with this...I don't have a relationship with ANY of the local dealers so I may be better off getting to work on the answer you supplied me with:) This is my first time using the Just Answer service. Once i get started on this project am i able to get in touch with you if i run into any questions along the way? If so...what would be a good way for me to contact you?

Thanks Michael!
You can just reply back to this link. You do not need a relationship with your local dealer to get help. Give me your VIN number and I can find out if your truck has already had any of these actuators replaced or if there is any warranty left on the truck. Also the mileage would help. I will also give you the phone number to call GM customer assistance so you can ask them for the help. They will tell you which local dealership to use. Here is the phone number 1-800-222-1020. I really helps your case if you know some history on your truck for this issue, I can find out if any warranty repairs were made.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank You Micaheal for all of the help! The current Milage is 57, 123. The VIN is 1GCHK23688F204935

You have no other warrantys expect the 5yr/100k mile powertrain warranty. Your truck has only had one warranty repair, whick was a recall. You do have one open recall on the truck that should be done, its for the heated washers. You will remove this option due to a fire risk. They will also give you some money back because they have to remove this. Since you have low milage, it is likely GM will help you if you call the phone number I gave you. You will need to give them the VIN and mileage as well.



This is the warranty history.


Job Card Date Job Card Number Transaction Type Transaction Adjustment Labour Operation Odometer Reading 03/23/2009 196739 ZFAT----Field Action Recall V1819 - 08142 ECM EEPROM - Reprogram ECM 7,396 MI 02/21/2008 A04935 ZPDI----Pre-Delivery Inspection Z7000 - Pre-Delivery Inspection - Base Time 0 M

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