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Chevy: a timing chain and then re-time the engine..throttle body..PU

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How to install a timing chain and then re-time the engine on a 1995 350 throttle body chevy PU
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Service and Repair
  1. Remove vibration damper and water pump.
  2. Remove oil pan, then the front cover retaining screws and cover, please refer to Engine, Cooling and Exhaust/Engine/Engine Lubrication/Oil Pan, Engine/Service and Repair/ See: Oil Pan\Service and Repair
  3. Clean gasket surface of block and timing case cover.
  4. Remove any excess oil pan gasket material that may be protruding at the oil pan to engine block junction.
  5. Apply a thin bead of RTV sealer part No. 0.052366, or equivalent, to joint formed at oil pan and block.
  6. Coat new gasket with sealer and position it on cover, then install cover to oil pan seal on cover and coat bottom of seal with engine oil.
  7. Position cover on engine and install cover mounting flange reinforcement (if equipped).
  8. Install cover screws and tighten to specifications, alternately and evenly while pressing downward on cover so that dowels are aligned with holes in cover. Do not force cover over dowels as cover can be distorted.
  1. Install remaining cover screws, vibration damper and water pump.
Service and Repair
Fig. 8 Timing Mark Alignment
  1. Remove Front Cover.
  2. Remove crankshaft oil slinger.
  3. Crank engine until 0.0 marks on sprockets are in alignment, Fig. 8.
  4. Remove three camshaft to sprocket bolts.
  5. Remove camshaft sprocket and timing chain together. Sprocket is a light press fit on camshaft for approximately 1/8 inch. If sprocket does not come off easily, a light blow with a plastic hammer on the lower edge of the sprocket should dislodge it.
  6. If crankshaft sprocket is to be replaced, remove it with a gear puller. Install new sprocket, aligning key and keyway.
  7. Install chain onto camshaft sprocket. Hold sprocket with chain hanging vertically, then align marks on sprockets as shown, Fig. 8. The valve timing marks shown in Fig. 8 do not indicate TDC compression stroke for No. 1 cylinder, which is used during distributor installation. If distributor was removed, install timing chain and sprockets, aligning timing marks, Fig. 8, then rotate engine until No. 1 cylinder is on compression and camshaft timing mark is 180 degrees from valve timing position shown in Fig. 8.
  8. Align dowel in camshaft with dowel hole in sprocket and install sprocket on camshaft. Do not attempt to drive sprocket on camshaft, as welch plug at rear of engine can be dislodged.
  9. Draw sprocket onto camshaft, using the three mounting bolts. Tighten to specifications.
  10. Lubricate timing chain and install cover.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello Chevy expert, had one more question, since this has a computer, whats the best way to re-time? THANKS
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I should have ask this Q first. What r some early warning signs that a chain is in need of replacement?
If the timing chain is loose the timing could be wrong but most commonly you would hear a taping noise or a ticking on the timing cover this would be the chain slapping on the cover
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Please answer, correct way to re-time this engine.
You mean to re time the camshaft are RE time the ignition?