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Aran, General Motors
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I need the code for a 2004 Aveo radio sound system

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I need the "code" for a 2004 Aveo radio sound system

Chevtek :

Hi thanks for the question, If there is no radio code card in the glove box, there is basically 2 options for you. I have seen on some forums, posted radio codes that customers have had work, but they tried many codes before they found one that did work and there is no guarantees they will work, here they are. 2253, 3116, 3451, 2152, 4362, 4316
4316, 4513, 4362, 1156, 2145, 1156
6451, 6361, 5624, 5241, 3346, 1165
3241, 4524, 5436, 5813, 3265, 5624
2453, 3462, 3251, 5445, 8253, 1156
2346, 4853, 6645, 5253, 1325, 4136
3116, 3221, 2151, 5312, 2654, 4314

Chevtek :

The other option is to remove the radio and take it to the dealer, they can get the radio code off the side of the radio and call GM and obtain the code, you will probably be charged for this service/


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX give them a try, and let you know.

Ok let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I tried several before I found the one that worked. So I guess at this point all seems to be right with the world. The Aveo belongs to my uncle, he is 86 years old, today, so this will be nice for him, if he will use the radio. If he does not use it, those who take him places will. Thanks for your help.
Great I am glad you found one that worked, if you have no other questions and I have helped you, then clicking accept would be appreciated so I get compensated for helping you, Thanks again.
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