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Chevrolet S-10 tahoe LT I just bought a 94 S-10 blazer (Tahoe).

Resolved Question:

I just bought a 94 S-10 blazer (Tahoe). the vacuum lines have been all messed up, seems like nothing is where it is supposed to be, my manual has no info on vacuum. i have been unsuccesful in finding any kind of schematics online or anywhere else, any way you can help? my blazer is 94 W engine code, A/C, automatic, cruise control, 4.3 vortec 4x4.. also, it has a digital dash with a bad short, is there any way to put a mechanical instrument panel in it with out changing a lot of computer stuff? thanks
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Chevy expert replied 6 years ago.
graphicgraphicgraphicWelcome to just I'm here to help you and your 100% satisfaction is my goal.Which vacuum lines are you having a problem with exactly ? Here are a few of the diagrams
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
there is a tiny black plastic line that comes up between motor and fire wall that i dont have any idea where it goes, the actuator for the 4wdwad not hooked up, there is a plastic tee behind the intake that has 4 lines to it, one goes to heater, it has a round thing that i am assuming is a chech valve, it has an open connection on it, no vacuum, acording to one of the diagrams you sent, the cruise control (vavuum ball) is not hooked up right. someone had a line hooked to back of intake that was causing it to suck and burn tranny fluid. i know a little, but i am normally a ford guy, vacuum was never my strong point
Expert:  Chevy expert replied 6 years ago.
What line is hooked to the intake sucking transmission fluid?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

looking at motor, to the left of distributor, top back side of intake, there was a short piece of hose with a Y one line on the Y i guess goes to the tranny because it was burning fluid, when i put more fluid in it, it made a sucking noise, the other line on the Y goes to a T on fender well, one hose as larger it goes to a sensor of somekind, the smaller line maked a circle and looks like it goes back down to tranny or something. man, im telling ya, this thing is a mess

Expert:  Chevy expert replied 6 years ago.
Checked to see if there's a vacuum modulator on the transmission itself if there is remove the vacuum line and if there's fluid coming from the modulator replace it this is be cause the diaphragm inside the modulator is bad
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