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1998 ls: my windsheild wipers keep failing

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i have a 1998 ls 4.3 liter chevy s-10 and i am getting oil on my spark plugs and my engine is there anything i can do to fix this problem that wont break the bank or should i think about getting a new ride.....i thought it might be the valve gasket but thats just a guess id rather have a second opion before i start guessing....also my windsheild wipers keep failing on me, on minute they work and the next they dont...what could be the reason for that....
How many miles on this engine? Are all the plugs getting oil on them?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
110,000 and only one plug has oil on it
If it is only one plug and its quite a bit of oil the piston rings are the most likely, so it may be time to get another vehicle the only other thing you could do is rebuild the engine or replace the engine both are expensive.
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