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Chevrolet Blazer Need help installing an ignition switch on

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Need help installing an ignition switch on 2000 Blazer. Dave Nova got me to this point 2/26/2011. Could use instructions and illustrations. In particular, I cannot figure out how to get the stering wheel tilt lever off so that I can remove the bottom seering wheel molding that this lever goes thru. Can you help?

Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX Your complete satisfaction is my goal. Please provide as much information about your concern as you can


The tilt lever just prys out. Use a screw driver to pry the lever out of the column. Be careful because the lever is off set, and will break it forced to hard.


Is this the only part of the switch removal that you need?? You will need a deep #E4 torx socket to remove the switch from the column due to clearance.


There are two E5 torx screws that hold the upper cover on. Depending on the type of lock cylinder that it has , it will need to be removed also. There is a small hole on top under the top cover that a 90 deg pick 1" long must be inserted when the key is in start position to remove the lock cylinder. After you have the cover off, the rest is pretty much self explanatory.



Pull the tilt steering column lever (1) out from the steering column (2).







Removing the lock cylinder ( cover is removed here, you may have to go under the cover if the lock cylinder will not let it come off)




Please let me know if you need more information.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hal, info. good so far, but what I am trying to replace is the entire electrical component of this assembly. I purchased an " ignition switch " assembly that consists of a box with a total of three plug - in receptacles comingg out of it. One receptical has numerous wires coming out of it and the others have only 2-3 wires with small plugs on them. It looks like the assembly I am describing is mounted under the " key switch" shown in illustration provided. Do I need to remove the key switch to replace this component? When I get the lever off and am able to remove the bottom molding under the steering wheel will I be able to see how to access this component ? or do I need additional info.? ( The large plug on the asy. I described has a mounting screw in the center and looks like space on it's sides for 2 other receptacles already in car).

Some of these cover used screws to hold them on ( you just have to look from under the column. If you see two torx screws , remove them)

The lower cover will come off after the tilt lever is removed( most of the time they come out fairly easy, but i have broken a couple that were stubborn)


I remove the top cover also. To do this there are two E5 torx bolts ( a 4mm socket will fit to remove) One you can see on the left side. You have to look up from under the right side to see the other.


Once they are removed , the cover will come loose. If the lock cylinder has a shoulder on it , it will keep the cover from coming off. So this is where you need a 90 deg tool( like an allen wrench) to insert in the hole above the lock cylinder. the key has to be in the start position to push down on the removal tab on the lock cylinder. The cylinder should pull straight out.


Then you can see the switch. There is a ( key in cylinder switch on top) release the lock tab and turn it clockwise to remove. the other plug is the pass lock sensor on the cylinder housing. Remove the two screws holding the switch on with a E4 deep torx socket.( one screw will come out easy, one you have to have this socket to remove it)


The switch should pull off the column at this point.


Remove the lower dash and the metal brace under the column. Use a 9/32 socket to remove the screw holding the plug in. Slide the plug out and slide a screw driver between the inner and outer plug . slide the outer plug off on both sides.


Some switches use a park lock wire if it is a column shift. It goes up and over the top of the steering column, and should be easy to see how it disconnects.


Reinstall in reverse order.


If you have difficulty reinstalling, just let me know and I will talk you through it.

Looks more complicated than it really is. You will do great, just take your time.




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