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Category: Chevy
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Experience:  ASE certified tech ADVANCED LEVEL SPECIALIST. Wisconsin certified emissions state inspector
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s10: v6 4.3L., 2wd, 99,500 miles, It quit wont hardly rev

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I hav a 2003 chev. s10, v6 4.3L., 2wd, 99,500 miles, It quit pulling on the down shift, the engine started losing power, I lift off the throttle and at low throttle it seems to run ok.. that was the first symption. now it wont hardly rev up,at last time I tried would go up too about 2500 rpm then started missing a little and was losing rpm. fuel filter is new, fuel psi is @60 to 80 lbs running under full load. fuel pump is new installed 8/2010, setting still it won't rev starts missing and losing rpm, there is no engine codes. I had code p0101 maf or vaf ckt. I Installed new maf. and the code has not returned. check engine light is off. has new air filter..has new plugs, cap, rotor, and distributor,.. oil changed regular. I have takin great care of this truck..Thank You

It sounds like you have plugged exhaust. ONe of the easiest ways to diagnose this problem is to take a vacuum reading from the intake manifold while the engine is at idle. You should have at least the same, or if not, more engine vacuum at 3000 rpm then at idle. If you have less engine vacuum at 3000 rpm then you do at idle, you either have plugged exhaust, retarded cam timing or something else mechanically wrong with the engine.

Or you can always pull the o2 sensors and see if it makes any difference. :)

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

hey Amedee.

I think your right about the pluggeg exhaust. I have 5 ins of vac when the engine starts messin up w/ the throttle held down. and over 20 @ idle.. what is plugging the exhaust ? the cat.? It will rev up for a min. or so, when it first started & gets worse as it runs, it has tried to stall when i lift but has not as of yet. it has set of a code p0101 & p0300-random misfire, I would say because of it missing when it starts losing rpm. It will start and idle fine.


Butch bradley



YES.. chances are it is the cat. THere have been some reported cases of the muffler being plugged up too.

AMEDEE and other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you

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