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Chevrolet Venture/Montana I need to remove the engine from

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I need to remove the engine from a 2000 Pontiac Montana (i.e., Chevy Venture). I decided to try an online manual and the manual is not totally clear how to remove the intermediate bolt on the steering column which will allow you to disconnect the steering gear and lower it with the subframe. Also, it is not entirely clear as to what keeps the driveshaft attached to the transmission. I am assuming it is a snap ring; is this correct and where is it located.
you can remove the shaft bolt buy sliding up the gray boot to visually see the bolt.but that bolt is way up there and a bear to get to.if you slide the boot up can you see the shaft bolt for the shaft to the rack?
how are you making out?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I actually am going to approach this a little differently and tell me any unforeseen problems that may occur. I also have another question which is how do you discconnect the connector at the top of the transaxle in the bell housing?


Now as to the engine removal, my plan is to disconnect the rack and pinion, tie it up, and then lower the subframe transaxle assembly. I will disonnect the strut and lower the wheel assemblies and hang the brakes from the vehicle. I am in the process of disconnecting everything that needs to be disconnected prior to lowering. I plan to remove the tie rod joint from the rack and pinion.

the big round connector for the transmission on top.i usually use a pair of channel lock pliers and squeeze in on both side to unlock it then pull can either disconnect the lower ball joints and unbolt rack from the sub-frame and tie it up and leave the struts right in there along with the rack and brake system so you don't have to bleed the brakes when you are done.and yes you can take the struts right out with the sub-frame.either way will work
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have the old engine out of the car and the replacement engine in the car. The only surprise I received was how heavy the assembly was as I let it down out of the car. It was all I could do to operate the 1 ton come-along and let the engine down. However, it went back in really easy and I had the assembly fastened in the car in just about an hour's time. For my curiousity, do you know the approximate weight of the engine/transmission/subframe assembly?
no i do not