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2001 chevy s10: check engine light..evap..canister or gas cap, I

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I have a 2001 chevy s10 fwd and I m getting a check engine light and it tells me evap canister or gas cap, I changed the gas cap. where is the purge and the canister and how hard is it to change it.

Can you give me the actual "p-code" that was retrieved?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
hold on i have the print out



Customer: replied 6 years ago.



The actual definition for this code is "EVAP System Leak Detected" - this is a tough one to diagnose "by eye" or to say "it's this..." there are a few things to physically check:


Perform a physical inspection of the EVAP system. Inspect for the following conditions:

  • A loose, missing, defective, or incorrect fuel tank cap
  • Incorrectly routed or defective EVAP system vacuum and vapor lines
  • A malfunctioning or damaged vapor canister
  • Charcoal release from the vapor canister


However- there is a much easier and efficient way to diagnose this. Your best bet is to have the EVAP system "smoked". This is where a machine forces smoke through the EVAP system, and the "leak" will reveal itself with a stream of smoke. Most shops charge around $40-$65 for this service, but it's money well spent. Instead of driving yourself crazy looking for a leak, that may even be in a spot that you can't physically see, find the leak, fix it and be done with it.


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