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Chevrolet Impala How do I remove the dash trim to replace

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How do I remove the dash trim to replace the heater/AC control on a 2003 Impala?

Below are directions to remove the trim panel needed to replace the climate control:
Trim Plate Bezel Replacement - Instrument Panel (I/P) Cluster (Impala)

Trim Plate Bezel Replacement - Instrument Panel (I/P) Cluster (Impala)

Removal Procedure

  1. Apply the parking brake.

  1. Using a small flat-bladed tool, remove the bezel from the ignition switch cylinder.

  1. If the vehicle is equipped with a column shift, position the transaxle shift control indicator to 1. Keep the key in the ignition switch cylinder.
  2. Adjust the steering wheel for access.
  3. Remove the steering column filler panel.

  1. Remove the instrument panel (I/P) fuse block access hole covers.

  1. Remove the screws from the I/P cluster trim plate.
  2. Starting at the right end of the I/P cluster, grasp the trim plate and pull rearward.
  3. Continue working around the I/P cluster trim plate until all of the retainers are released from the I/P trim pad.
  4. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the hazard switch and from the traction control switch, if equipped.
  5. Remove the I/P cluster trim plate.

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