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Michael Moore
Category: Chevy
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Experience:  ASE Master/GM WORLD CLASS/GM Master/GM ASEP/Dodge Gold/Mazda cert.
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2005 chevy: the rear extended cab door window out to repair air noise

Customer Question

How do you get the rear extended cab door window out to repair air noise on a 2005 chevy silverado?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  david replied 6 years ago.
Hi thank you for your question hope this helps.

Exploded view of the rear door trim panel.

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  2. Remove the door trim panel. Refer to the illustration for the mounting screw and lock tab locations. After detaching the hardware, carefully pull it away, then lift it off the door just far enough to detach the electrical connections from it.
  3. Carefully detach the water shield from the door; this will be reused upon installation.
  4. Disconnect the inside door lock rod from the handle retainer clip.
  5. Detach the door lock rod from the retainer clip.
  6. Remove the rubber plug to access the outside handle rod. Disengage it from the clip and disconnect the lock cylinder rod.
  7. Detach the electrical connector and remove the lock from the vehicle.
  8. Installation is the reverse of removal. When installing the lock, tighten the screws to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm).
Hope this helps
Good luck
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
This the window that just barely pulls out at the back not a roll up or down window. The door is the suicide type that only opens when the front door is open. The front the window stick out in the air stream about one eighth of an inch and catches the air. I need it to pull in closer to the metal frame but I cannot get the plastic frame around the glass to come out or adjust it in anyway. How do you get the plastic frame out and therefore the glass?
Expert:  Michael Moore replied 6 years ago.
The window is glued in and a glass company would have to remove and replace the window and frame. This is a common issue with these windows, the latch does not pull the glass tight enough to stop the wind noise. There is a cheap and easy repair you can make to stop this issue. You need to get a long metal or wood screw and use it to pull the latch closer to the door. The latch has 2 parts, the part on the glass and the part on the window frame. You can separate the 2 in the middle where it pivots. The latch half thats connected to the window frame is where the screw is going to go. Drill a pilot hole just large enough for the screw to pass threw but not the screw head. Now drive the screw threw the latch and in to the door metal. This should pull the latch half towards the window frame. Try and adjust the latch closer to the frame a little at a time, then install the window side of the latch back on and see if it makes a tighter seal, if not, tighten the screw some more until you get a tight fit.
You will not have to remove the door panel or the glass to make this repair. Have made this repair well over 25 times and it works all the time.
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 2956
Experience: ASE Master/GM WORLD CLASS/GM Master/GM ASEP/Dodge Gold/Mazda cert.
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