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96 chevy blazer: My headlights..relay..running lights

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My headlights wert starting to turn off on my 96 chevy blazer and you could hear the relay switching on and off. The green light on the dash was flickering dimmly and the day time running lights would come on. I replaced the headlight switch and my lights worked at first. Now when I turn on my headlights the running lights go off and the headlights do not come on.

Hello & Welcome to JA,


This problem is usually the multifunction/turn signal switch that has an open circuit.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I changed the multi swich and the same thing is happening. $150 and two hours time wasted. The running lighs are on when the headlights are off. As soon as you turn on the headlights the running lights go on but the headlights go off. If you turn on the high beams they do come on. I checked all of my fuses, none are blown. I still cannot hear the selonoid that controls the running lights going off and the headlights going on. Like I said before, before I changed the headlight swich I could hear the selonoid buzzing like it could not hold the position of the headlights being on. I know this because the dash light indicating the running lights were on was dimmly flashing on and off.

I must ask about this part of your post "selonoid buzzing like it could not hold the position of the headlights being on"


This is an S-10,right. There are no headlamp doors,right ?


The headlamp circuit does not have a solenoid.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This is a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer S10 4 door 4x4. It is a first model for that year. The first model came with Glass headlights and the second model for that year came with the composite headlight setup. I have the first model which has the glass headlights. Also it is the model that has the manual 4x4 shifter mounted on the floor not the push button type. The headlights on this model have day time running lights. There is a light on the dash shaped like the headlight that lights up green when the running lights are on. This light goes out when you switch on the headlights. There is a solenoid that switches the running lights off the headlights on. I know this because before I replaced the headlight switch I could hear it buzzing, the light on the dash indicating that the running lights are on would flicker to this buzzing. The solenoid is located in the glove compartment. I tried replacing that solenoid also. There are three of them in a row in the glove compartment. I purchased one new one and rotated all of them and could not find a bad one. One of the solenoids controls engine management because when I unplugged it the truck shut off. I am going to have to chase the headlight supply circuit to find where it is supplied from and then chase that up to the headlight switch and look for any breaks. It cannot be the ground side because the high beams still light up when you turn them on with the multiswitch.

Here a couple of schematics that may help you.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hey john the problem was both low beams went dead at exactly the same time. 1:1M chance. Replaced both, everything is fine now. Thanks.
That is a really strange one.great you got it fixed,have a good day.