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My seat belt reminder light stays on and flashes despite the

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My seat belt reminder light stays on and flashes despite the seatbelt (driver side) being buckled. Several months ago I had that seat re-upholstered but just noticed the light flashing with no good reason. Local Firestone Car Care said they'd found debris in the female buckle, but whatever they did didn't fix the problem. Any ideas???

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Check the connector in front of the seat belt buckle. It may have been left disconnected when you had your upholtstry work done. You can use a jumper wire to jump across the connector or use an ohm meter across the terminals while clicking the seat belt in and out to check the buckle itself. If the light goes out when jumping across the terminals (on the vehicle side of the harness) and will not when the seat belt is buckled then you have an internal switch problem and the buckle will need to be replaced. I'm thinking you may find that connector off though.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Bill, I'm a veterinarian and don't think of myself as stupid, but getting to the connector has me stumped. The seat in question is the drivers's side 8-way electric seat in a 2004 Tahoe with a console between the front bucket seats...guess you're talking about the "buckle" as the female part of the buckle between the seat and the console(?) How do I get to the area to check the connector? Thanks a million



I'm sorry... I forgot to attach the pictures! :)

It should be located along the inside seat track and accessible (although a bit tight) from under the seat with the seat raised all the way up.

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If you cannot reach it to check the connector, you may have to remove the front seat bolts (or all of them) to see under there better.

Sorry again for forgetting the pictures.