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My 95 silverado heating/cooling system makes a clicking noise

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My '95 silverado heating/cooling system makes a clicking noise at the heater, like the little diverter door is trying to operate. It also only runs the fan on hi speed.I changed out the fan switch on the dash, but it had no effect. Could the heater motor be faulty? I would hate to have to pull the dash to change the heater, looks like a real hassel. The heater door noise has got me stumped because I can't find a vacuum line or anything going to it. Can you help me with this info?
Ray O'Brien



Your problems are quite simple regarding both the clicking and the fan controls.


Starting with the blower controls. The switch sends voltage to a blower resistor, then the resistor sends voltage to the blower fan. The blower resistor resists current on lower speeds. The more resistance, the lower the voltage to the blower motor, the slower it spins. The lower settings are sent through the resistor, the high setting is not. So, you most likely have a burned out blower resistor. Cheap and easy common fix. Remove the glove box, 2 bolts and you are done. Updated part from the dealer part department is best.


The clicking noise is most likely due to a failed door actuator. The actuator has a set of small plastic gears in it that break off the teeth. So, the hears do not rotate and click attempting to catch. Replacing the actuator is the fix. The vehicle has 2 actuators, one for the temperature controls and one for the mode (vent, defrost, floor). Simply put your hand on them to feel which one is clicking. The mode actuator is easily replaced. The temperature actuator requires that the dash be pulled forward. Rather time consuming. Again, I would suggest dealer parts for this.


A location diagram for both the resistor and the actuator is shown. This is a behind the dash view of components attached to the Heater/AC box.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The clicking noise seems to be coming from the door right by the blower motor.could one of the actuators be telegraphing it's noise?
Is the clicking noise only when the blower motor is running? If the motor is turned off does the noise go off? Is the clicking a constant rythmic click or random? Do the temperature and mode controls work properly?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The clicking noise is constant and rythmic even with the blower switch in the off position. The temp control works, but I'm not sure about the mode controls. I believe they do work,'cuz my brother charged the A.C. awhile back. The clicking is definitely coming from the door by the fan motor.

You have a recirculation actuator that is clicking. That is not shown in the diagram I have provided you. Here is a diagram. Once again, updated part from the dealer.

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If you do not mind not having recirculation function, you can simply unplug the actuator. Once again, labor intensive to replace that little sucker.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

That seems to have taken care of the clicking. THANK YOU very much! I will try the blower resistor fix as soon as I can get one. Please accept my payment and my heartfelt thanks.