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I have a 2001 chevy impala with a low coolant light that will

Resolved Question:

I have a 2001 chevy impala with a low coolant light that will not go out.
I've driven the car for quite awhile before this developed.
Chevrolet has issued a 'service bulletin' saying that this is a problem with several models.
I have had the problem diagnosed by Firestone & a Chevy dealer, resulting in
replacement of the lower intake manifold gasket, head gasket, thermostat, coolant sensor, all fluids, and anything else you might think of for a bill of over $2000.00 & the
problem remains. If Chevy admits to this problem why wasn't there some kind of recall
& how can I get Chevy to fix this problem ? The car runs fine, I just want the d***
coolant sensor to work correctly. Can you help ? T. in Pa.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Bill replied 7 years ago.

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First off I'd like to make sure I understand your concern fully. You've had major repairs performed, intake and head gaskets etc. And now you have a low coolant light on. You mentioned you had a coolant sensor replaced. Do you know which coolant sensor or do you have a receipt with the part number? Secondly I would need to know if the coolant level actually is low or if you are getting a false reading. I would ask you to check the level in the recovery tank under the hood. Also, when the engine is COLD,, remove the radiator cap and see if it is full to the top or if there is any type of debris in the system.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The' low coolant light' was the whole reason for the repairs that were done.

The sensor is located on the radiator (passenger side). The coolant level is never low

and the recovery tank has 4 to 6 inches of fluid in it.

Expert:  Bill replied 7 years ago.

I can't really get into why there isn't any recall. I am a technician out in the field and corporate/government decisions such as recalls and special policies are a little above my pay grade!

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I can tell you the typical scenario is an intake manifold leak that goes undetected for a while until the vehicle is eventually overheated and occasionally causes cyl head gaskets to fail. As far as your low coolant light goes, its not a terribly complex system. If your light is on solid all of the time, disconnecting the sensor on the radiator will confirm that is where the fault lies. What often happens is cooling system contamination from the other failures and some oil or other debris is in the cooling system which ends up causing false readings from the coolant level sensor. If you have had this repair done recently.. within the last year. and especially if it were in the last few months I would revisit whomever completed the repairs. They can replace the level sensor under a "parts warranty" and after spending that kind of money, if there were debris or contaminants in the cooling system I would ask them to flush it for you for no charge stating it should have been done at the time of previous repairs if it were contaminated. Definately if they did not suggest to you a system flush.

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