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2010 Chevy Malibu LTZ: started

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<p>Why does car overheat when going up hill?  SOME HISTORY 8th character of Vin is J. 2010 Chevy Malibu LTZ 3.6L V6 Car was purchased brand new w/7 miles Dealership did oil change service on 6/29 add 5quarts according to Invoice. Shortly after oil change car started heating up above half on temp gauge. Never before having left the line under half not matter driving circumstances. Took car back to dealer on 7/10 to have checked for overheating and burning oil/melting plastic smell. no explanation for change in temp or smell and they had the car for more than 5 hrs just told us newer cars run hotter. Reluctantly left with the car. That night while driving to work saw smoke coming from back. Next day went to town and a puddle of oil leaked out in my work parking lot . Took Back to Dealer 7/12 They said they had not put the filter on properly but not to worry no damage done and the car was still full. Apology letter was given and stated clearly car still full on dipstick. Told me they changed Filter and cleaned undercarriage although advised due to the amount of oil it may still smell for a few days while it burns the rest of the way off. So after they replaced filter and cleaned underside of car I left made it about 7 miles and check engine light came on. Went straight back to Dealer they took it back checked it. Came out and told me not to worry completely unrelated it was just my Co2 sensor. Unfortunately they had to order it. I was told I could take the car and they would call me when the part came in. I requested a rental. (Not noticing at the time of filter change and cleanup on invoice they also added 3 quarts oil which tells me that the car was either not full still and had ran low causing the damage or they had now actually overfilled it by 3quarts due to the fact apology letter states car was still full on dipstick when brought back??? Having caught this later I went back to make sure they had not drained any oil at that time they looked at my paper and checked their's and said no. I had them note it at the bottom of invoice for me. Then asked why they would add more oil to a car that was already full per apology letter. Could not explain. I said clearly my car either came in low or you over filled it by 3 quarts. Thanked them for info and left) Still batteling with GM and Dealer to get car fixed they wont Recognize overheating.<img style="width: 363px; height: 267px" src="" alt="" width="363" height="267" />"; alt="" width="363" height="267"><a href="" target="_blank">";</a>; alt="" width="363" height="267"><a href="" target="_blank"></a>" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank">";</a>;; alt="graphic" width="363" height="267"> The check Engine light is not triggered in pick key is just on and car had sat maybe 1 min. I have been told "It is not overheating until it hits the RED" Again this is my NEW 2010 Malibu LTZ. Also it clearly states in the owners manual DO NOT OVER FILL can cause damge to engine???</p><p>I have found on my 3.6L V6 that the manual is worng on the max oil that it should be provided stating 5.5 quarts. My Engine only holds 4.5 quarts including the filter. (per 2 other GM certified dealers one of which has told me to mention the true amount when i come back for other oil chenges because it is wrong in their computer also and I could be provided with too much oil causing more damage to engine.) After having 5 or more quarts provided on last oil change at delarship that sold me car it has been haeting up whenever going up hills or long trips. Temp gauge going well above half now. If possible would you ask your service provider to note the actual amount that the car registers full at. Just tell they there is some discrepencies on the actual amount specified in manual and the true amount vehicle holds. I have informed GM of the problem they have not responded to my concern. PS I just really dont think my engine is the only one that would hold less oil than specified.</p>
If the engine temp is the same as the gauge reads it is running to hot. May not be boiling over but there is a definite problem. First thing to verify is the engine that hot. That can checked with an infer red temp scope. The kind you see them check track temp on NASCAR. Most techs worth there beans have one. If it is that hot the cooling system must be checked. Driving at that temp. can ruin a head gasket or worse. If you didn't see the oil pressure light come on when the filter was loose or you didn't mention hearing any valve clatter I don't think the engine was hurt. If the oil soaked the O2 sensor it could have stopped up the outside air vent through the lower wire harness of the sensor and caused the bad O2 readings. You do have to replace it once that happens but it wasn't your fault the oil was there.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So yeah would not have heard any clatter music always to loud! But I do belive that I have some head damage and maybe the honyecomb catlyst ruined hence why engine heats up so fast going uphill under load just pushing all the air back into the engine. On freeway enough air must be getting around the edges. I belive that the car was probably about 2 3/4 quarts low when came in but clearly enough in a 4.5 including filter full engine to due damage. Just looking to see how on the right path I am. I think that the 5 quarts provided in the begining just caused to much pressure hence the minor over heating at that time till filter seal actually came loose or blew..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
<p>Car is obviously getting hot it took it up a hill about 4 times (Steep) coating down thinking engine was cooling off enough but when parked in garage later hood stayed hot to touch for about 2 1/2 hrs. Uncomfortably hot. When car actually heats up its when you go up the hill stop at top turn off car turn key back on and temp gauge quickly climbs most of the time just about 3/4 mark unless I have pushed it by making several trips then it will go higher but fan stays on and if engine is running car cools self quickly. Also on trips that are of any length usually if you stop too get gas or anything when you get abck in and turn the key on the temp will be well above half.</p><p> </p><p> </p>
The extra oil in the crankcase will not cause the oil pressure to increase. the seal leaked because the filter was not installed properly. This could cause low oil pressure witch would effect the lifters first going to the cam bearings next and crank and rod bearings last. If the pressure got low enough to hurt those things the oil light will come on and you would hear the lifters rattle. The low oil in the pan could have had some effect on the piston and cylinder walls oiling since these areas are splash oiled. Compression test and cylinder leak down test can be used to check this area. The extra oil in the beginning would be pushed out the breather tube into the intake area wear it would be burnt in the engine. Has someone has checked to see if the radiator fan is running when it gets that hot? Usually when a cat or an exhaust stops up it will run at lower RPMs better and worse at higher RPMs. Also with the modern computer system that is in the car will flash the check engine light and set one or more codes when the cat stops up. Still believe the cooling system needs to be checked. It is running to hot!!!

I just read your last post so i see the fan is running. Since the cooling system is cooling things down with the engine running I wouldn't worry about the cooling system. This may not be as bad as I thought. I can see the temp raising as the engine heat dissipates. Question is, is all of the engine that hot or is it just that hot around the temp sensor.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Well my true problem is i have been to 3 diffrent Chevy Dealerships now driving 70 miles one way to the closest one. All run test but cant seem to recreate the problem. I have Given Up. on dealership and GM I have gotten nowhere and now I guess my only option has come down to legal council. This really sucks. All of the dealerships basically drive vehicle on I-5 or around town then scan for codes check fan operation and coolant level and send me on my way. Oh and let it sit and run for 1/2 air on checking every 15 min and 1/2 hr air off checking same no other test have been offered or done.


I will take your adivce on compression test and go maybe to sears or somewhere that is advice giving by salesperson who did not want name mentioned at last dealership . He took me for a test drive and i explained my situation he was appled and told me to do that.. If you have any other suggestions for test that I can ask to be done could you tell me. I am sorry to take so much time i am accepting your answer also.





Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It does seem that all the engine gets hot. Strictly by opening the hood and putting my hand over engine it seems to be putting off alot of heat.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

There has been a fan that has come on that was louder than usuall i thought it almost sounded like the car was still running this has happened a couple of times.



Try to get a temp gauge on and around the engine when it is reading hot on the gauge inside the dash. Make sure both gauges agree. Be sure to tell the dealership when it is reading hot After the engine is turned off. It would probably be a good idea to write a note that tells the tech when the gauge reads hot and make sure the service writer staples it to the work order. Sometimes by the time it has gone through a service writer and a service manager before it gets to the tech the message is lost. Good luck with your oil troubles. If you keep at them they have insurance to pay for there mistake. I have had to replace three in the last twenty years. All of them had new techs that mis installed the filter. That's where a lawyer can help because it was not your fault. And it was a brand new engine. You should leave with what you brought in and should stay that way for more than a few miles. Thanks
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you