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Dave Nova
Dave Nova, Chevrolet Technician
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1987 chevrolet truck 2wd automatic transmission TH375 very

Resolved Question:

1987 chevrolet truck 2wd automatic transmission TH375 very slow to shift into reverse have to give a bit (gas) to move. so is all other shifts ie. 1-2 2-3 etc. but not as bad as reverse i've since parked it and wondering if my filter is starting to plug or my vacuum modulator is faulty?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 7 years ago.
The filter area is fairly large and will not get so stopped up as to cause this type of problem. In order for the trans filter to plug up would require major failure of the clutches within the transmission. The problem is some of the apply piston seals are old and do not seal correctly. This is allowing the transmission to slip. The vacuum modulator is not the cause, as the vacuum modulator does not affect reverse gear at all. You will need to rebuild or replace the transmission.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ok thanks for the info. this tranny th375 with a 9'' tailshaft is pretty hard to find i actually replaced this with one from the wreckers. (warranty since expired) that former tranny ran ok for a while then would not shift from 1-2 reverse ok so i replaced it with this one. this model year also has an electronic version with 5pin wire connectors? i think.

mine does not it has 1 wire on driver side is this for reverse lights? or lock up converter?

oh yeah before it was a tbi engine 5.0L i think from factory and i switched it to 350 carburated you think this had something to do with me going through trannys? the one i put in matched up identically now this issue with reverse and late shifts forward once again thanks for your help

Expert:  Dave Nova replied 7 years ago.
The single wire is for the lockup converter. Changing to the carbureted 350 should nnot have affected the transmission. It may be time to have this one rebuilt. This way all the parts will be new and you'll have a better warranty.
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