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Location of crank position sensor 2007 silverado 2500 hd with 6.

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location of crank position sensor 2007 silverado 2500 hd with 6.0 ltr , new body style


it is in the engine block just above the starter

this should help..please print


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Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Replacement

Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Replacement

IMPORTANT:Perform the CKP System Variation Learn Procedure whenever the crankshaft position sensor is removed or replaced.



  1. Remove the starter.
  2. Disconnect the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor electrical connector.


Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)


  1. Clean the area around the CKP sensor before removal in order to avoid debris from entering the engine.
  2. Remove the CKP sensor bolt.
  3. Remove the CKP sensor.


Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)



  1. Install the CKP sensor.
  1. Install the CKP sensor bolt. Tighten Tighten the bolt to .................................25 N.m (18 lb ft) .



  1. Connect the CKP sensor electrical connector.
  2. Install the starter.


CKP System Variation Learn Procedure

CKP System Variation Learn Procedure

  1. Install a scan tool.
  2. Monitor the powertrain control module for DTCs with a scan tool. If other DTCs are set, except DTC P0315, refer to Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) List for the applicable DTC that set.
  3. Select the crankshaft position (CKP) variation learn procedure with a scan tool.
  4. The scan tool instructs you to perform the following:
    • Accelerate to wide open throttle (WOT).
    • Release the throttle when fuel cut-off occurs.
    • Observe the fuel cut-off for the engine that you are performing the learn procedure on.
    • The engine should not accelerate beyond the calibrated RPM value.
    • Release the throttle immediately if the value is exceeded.
    • Block the drive wheels.
    • Set the parking brake.
    • DO NOT apply the brake pedal.
    • Cycle the ignition from OFF to ON.
    • Apply and hold the brake pedal.
    • Start and idle the engine.
    • Turn the A/C OFF.
    • The vehicle must remain in Park or Neutral.
    • The scan tool monitors certain component signals to determine if all the conditions are met to continue with the procedure. The scan tool only displays the condition that inhibits the procedure. The scan tool monitors the following components:
    • Crankshaft position (CKP) sensors activity-If there is a CKP sensor condition, refer to the applicable DTC that set.
    • Camshaft position (CMP) sensor activity-If there is a CMP sensor condition, refer to the applicable DTC that set.
    • Engine coolant temperature (ECT)-If the ECT is not warm enough, idle the engine until the engine coolant temperature reaches the correct temperature.
  1. Enable the CKP system variation learn procedure with a scan tool.
  2. Accelerate to WOT.
IMPORTANT:While the learn procedure is in progress, release the throttle immediately when the engine starts to decelerate. The engine control is returned to the operator and the engine responds to throttle position after the learn procedure is complete.
  1. Release when the fuel cut-off occurs.
  2. The scan tool displays Learn Status: Learned this ignition. If the scan tool indicates that DTC P0315 ran and passed, the CKP variation learn procedure is complete. If the scan tool indicates DTC P0315 failed or did not run, refer to DTC P0315. If any other DTCs set, refer to Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) List for the applicable DTC that set.
  3. Turn OFF the ignition for 30 seconds after the learn procedure is completed successfully.
  4. The CKP system variation learn procedure is also required when the following service procedures have been performed, regardless of whether DTC P0315 is set:
    • An engine replacement
    • A PCM replacement
    • A harmonic balancer replacement
    • A crankshaft replacement
    • Any engine repairs which disturb the CKP sensor relationship
Tim's Auto Repair and 2 other Chevy Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks much, I can find it now, on trip today, 600 mile run, 79000 mile on the truck, about 2/3 way home got a check engine light. all seemed okay, gages, sounds,running etc. got home to buddies house, he has a scan tool , gave p033, code I think it was, crank postition sensor. truck, never cut off etc, will check connection etc. Also called onstar while driving home just after light came one, they ran a diagnostic, said something wrong in iginition circuit, get to shop in 24 hrs to have checked. Not sure if warranty covers this, if real expesive, will do myself. I had a corvette repair shop for over 20 years. Thanks again.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
after 4 engine cycles the light went out. some place on the net, said it may not come back. I am still going to check and take to dealer in athens, al we got it from. you location, rogesville, in alabama?? we in ardmore, I had corvette repair shop in huntsville for over 20 years. I will submit this and accept the answer so you can get paid. i can I print the answer. cut and paste ??

yes..please print...i am in tenn.