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Impala: Charging..psi..the pressure switch kills the magic

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Charging A/C in 06 Impala low side gets down to about 55 psi. high side goes up to abot 425 psi. and the pressure switch kills the magic.

This vehicle just had a front end collision and was brought to me from a body shop w/ a new condenser and about 2 ounces of 134a in it.

I'm thinking it'll probably need a good flush. Am I in the ballpark?
With these pressures, the system is overcharged or the radiator fans are not operating. If the fans are operating, some of the refrigerant will need to be bled from the system. You need to get the system charge down to where the low side maintains 35 psi. The high side will then be in the 200-250 range.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Radiator fans are always operating, even when the high side reaches 425 psi. and shuts the system down.

Only was able to get about 13 oz. total into this system that should hold about 1.4 lbs. (22.4 oz.) - Have three attempts already, and losing money on this job.

System never gets down below about 50 psi. on the low side and immediately climbs above 300 psi. on the high side and just keeps rising until pressure switch cut out - I'm assuming 425 psi.

Try completely discharging the system completely and then recharging. A restriction in the system can cause high pressures on the high side, but the low side pressures should be lower than normal.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I ended up just filling it until values were 'ok' not perfect. I think we needed to replace a few tinngs. But, he wouldn't go for it. -used car dealer


Thanks again, you are the man!

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