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2002 Chevy Cavalier: AC compressor..high pressure..the dealership..PCM

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I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier that is having AC problems. I have had the AC compressor changed, dryer, high pressure switch, orfice changed. The AC still is not working and now the dealership is saying the PCM is bad. I can manually jump across the circuit breaker for the compressor clutch and it will engage but no cooling fans. I can manually jump across the circuit breaker for the cooling fans and they come on. I have the 2.2 SFI engine with a 4 engine code. I also have noticed the odometer is having issues with the numbers not showing properly.
Any help will be greatly appreciated as I am getting tired of the dealership just replacing parts to fix it. Also what does flashing the PCM mean as they are saying over and above the PCM they are required to charge an additional 70 dollars to flash it.
Thanks for any help.

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I hope i can help you. Looking at everything you said it does sound like there could be a internal problem with the pcm ground control. The compressor clutch relay ground is controlled by the pcm if you can ground that relay and everything works I would start looking at the pcm. As far as you IPC cluster and the numbers you will need to replace the cluster to address that concern they do not service the IPC they are replaced as a unit. If you have any other questions please let me know and please hit ACCEPT thank you very much









Customer: replied 6 years ago.

So what they were jumping (they pulled the little gray item off the left front fender and jumped it with a wire to engage the compressor clutch) was that the clutch relay? If not where is that located at? I am very upset with the dealer and not sure if I want to take it back to them. Also what does it mean by flashing on the PCM? They are saying it is 80 dollars extra on top of the cost of the PCM. I am getting upset about the money I have been placing in this car.



Don looking at my info the wire going to the PCM is dark green with a white tracer the relay is located in the fuse block near the LF fender. If that relay was jumped and the compressor clutch came on I would think the PCM would be bad. As far as the 80.00 for flashing the PCM when you install a new PCM it needs the software put into it thats where the 80.00 comes from. That is a normal charge.





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