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2003 Chevy Tahoe--engine light on, reduced engine power, now

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2003 Chevy Tahoe--engine light on, reduced engine power, now truck will not run, owners handbook explained loss of power but said it was due to a loss of coolant, to fix this and change the oil, cannot find any place where coolant is being lost, short of checking thermostat, did go ahead and change the oil because the handbook says driving it in this condition breaks down the oil badly, cannot afford to repair anything that is not a have to case, any suggestions?


this can be caused by a misfire or a fault in the TAC system(throttle actuator control) I would start with getting the truck scanned for trouble codes and a good throttle cleaning would help. This throttle body can get carbon build up and it throws off the base throttle setting. I use the GM cleaner(15$ at dealer) and a soft pipe brush. The dealers do a full service for 150$ that includes the injectors, air induction and throttle body cleaning. This is important maintenance for these trucks.

these are also known for intake manifold vacuum leaks and if the fuel pressure is low it will cause running issues and not set the check engine light.

let me know what you find with the codes and we go further

good luck

Edited by ironmike on 7/7/2010 at 6:13 PM EST
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