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Where is the low pressure a/c service port located on a 2001 tahoe?

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where is the low pressure a/c service port located on a 2001 tahoe?

OK, both the high and low service ports are in the passenger rear of the engine compartment. I have included a picture of the line assembly below, but it needs a little explanation:



#3 is the line from the firewall (evaporator) to the orifice tube #1 (connection in the middle).

#2 is the line from the orifice tube to the condenser. The fitting on #2 is the HIGH side and the fitting on #3 is the LOW side.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Tried to charge my system using the only port that fits the charging hose of the R134 can (the one you pointed to) and it started to "bloat my charge hose. I disconnected it before it will damage anything or worse, hurt me. Any opinion??

Was the vehicle running?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, it was running as per instruction from the can! I am sure that the system is low on refrigerant because the a/c does not cycle. Tahoes have a senor I believe that does this to protect the system
Just because the compressor doesn't engage, doesn't mean its low on refrigerant. These systems are know for the sensor to fail, preventing the compressor from engaging, even if the system is full. The sensor (actually called the "cycling switch" is located on the accumulator (silver can attached to the firewall). If it has a brown rubber band around it, then its most likely original. Unplug that switch and use a piece of wire or paper clip to jump the two terminals in the connector. If the compressor then engages, then either the system is low, or the switch is bad. and since the refrigerant tried to rupture your hose, Its probably not empty!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Bought this Tahoe new in 2001 and the only thing that the dealer has done to it was the "pinch point" recall and replacing the battery "post" because it broke off. (I would have very much liked for them to fix the "clanking" of the steering column but they gave me the run around so I just bought the teflon coated link and put it myself)

Anyway, back to my problem, this Tahoe for being a 2001 model only has 48,xxx miles on it because it has spent more time in my garage than on the road. I am sure that everything is original sans what I mentioned above.

I will just chunk this idea of recharging it myself and get this vehicle to the dealer tomorrow. You did answer my original question of "where is the low pressure a/c service port located on a 2001 tahoe?" so I believe that you deserve what I offered for the question. You have a good day and thanks!
Glad I could be of assistance. Please let me know if you have additional questions.