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1976 Chevy: tach..the book says connect the green wire..ignition coil

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We are installing a tach on my sons 1976 Chevy pick up. i am not sure where to connect the green wire (the book says connect the green wire to negative side of the ignition coil). i am not exactly sure what that is or where i would find the wires or connect block

Greetings From Arench!


Please tell us which engine you have.










Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's a 350...

Run your tack signal wire carefully through the firewall to the distributor. Make sure the wire is protected because if this wire shorts to ground later down the road the truck will not run.


Connect the wire to the distributor cap terminal marched "tach" If there is a wire already in the terminal then splice in your tack signal wire to the wire going to that terminal (usually a white wire).


The photo here shows a guy placing a blue female spade terminal in the distributor cap terminal marked "TACH"








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