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Gary, Chevy Technician
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2005 chevy malibu...power steering quits intermittently

Resolved Question:

2005 chevy malibu...power steering quits intermittently
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Gary replied 7 years ago.
there is a bulletin for this is the bulletin for your problem.and the good thing is they extended the warranty further than 3 years 36k miles
as for the 80 amp fuse v/s a 40 amp fuse that should have NO effect at all on the steering assist coming and going



Some customers of 2005 model year Chevrolet Malibu, Malibu Maxx, and Pontiac G6 vehicles may experience a loss of power steering assist caused by electrical input signals within the steering column assembly. If the power steering assist is lost, a chime will be heard and the DIC will display a Power Steering warning message. The Service Vehicle Soon light will also illuminate. The vehicle can still be steered in a safe manner but will require greater driver effort at low vehicle speeds or when stopped.

Special Policy Adjustment

This special coverage covers the condition described above for a period of 7 years or 70,000 miles (110,000 km), whichever occurs first, from the date the vehicle was originally placed in service, regardless of ownership.

Dealers are to replace the steering column assembly. This repair will be made at no charge to the customer.

For vehicles covered by Vehicle Service Contracts, all eligible claims with repair orders on or afier December 3, 2007, are covered by this special coverage and must be submitted using the labor operator codes provided with this bulletin. Claims with repair orders prior to December 3, 2007, must be submitted to the Service Contract provider.

Vehicles Involved

Parts Information

Customer Notification

General Motors will notify customers of this special coverage on their vehicles (see copy of typical customer letter shown in this bulletin - actual divisional letter may vary slightly).

Service Procedure

Remove and replace the steering column. Refer to Steering Column Replacement in SI.

Customer Reimbursement - GM, Saturn Canada and Saab Canada Only

For vehicles repaired under the terms of this special coverage, submit a claim with the information shown.

Customer Reimbursement - For US

All customer requests for reimbursement for previous repairs for the special coverage condition will be handled by the Customer Assistance Center, not by dealers.

Important: Refer to the GM Service Policies and Procedures Manual, section 6.1.12, for specific procedures regarding customer reimbursement.

Customer Reimbursement - For Canada and Export

Customer requests for reimbursement of previously paid repairs to correct the condition described in this bulletin are to be submitted to the dealer prior to or by December 31, 2008. Repairs must have occurred within the 7 years of the date the vehicle was originally placed in service, or 110,000 km, whichever occurs first.

When a customer requests reimbursement, they must provide the following:

^ Proof of ownership at time of repair,
^ Original paid receipt confirming the amount of unreimbursed repair expense(s) (including Service Contract deductibles), a description of the repair, and the person or entity performing the repair.

If the work was done by someone other than a GM dealership, the amount of reimbursement will be limited to the amount that the repair would have cost GM to have it completed by a GM dealership.

Courtesy Transportation - For US and Canada

The General Motors Courtesy Transportation program is intended to minimize customer inconvenience when a vehicle requires a repair that is covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The availability of courtesy transportation to customers whose vehicles are within the warranty coverage period and involved in a product program is very important in maintaining customer satisfaction. Dealers are to ensure that these customers understand that shuttle service or some other form of courtesy transportation is available and will be provided at no charge. Dealers should refer to the General Motors Service Policies and Procedures Manual for Courtesy Transportation guidelines.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for the bulletin, but unfortunetly my car has 89,000 mile so I am out of warrenty i assume. i did take it to a chevy dealership and they said i need a new steering motor, module and column at a cost of about $1,450, does this seem accurate. is it safe to drive when the power steering acts up?!
Expert:  Gary replied 7 years ago.
yes that price is correct.yes it is safe to drive the worst that will happen is you will have to steer it harder like what it does now when it acts could maybe entertain finding a used steering column assembly from a junk yard it may save you a few bux
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