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1982 Chevy: Diesel..fuel injector pump when I crank the engine

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1982 Chevy Silverado, 6.2L Diesel.

Fuel gets to the Injector pump (fills bowl inside of it) but never exits fuel injector pump when I crank the engine.

Shut off solenoid is operational (on bench test, anyway.) 12V gets to fuel shut off solenoid - drops to about 8V when engine is on (seems to indicate coil is also working in-system ...)

Still no fuel comes out of injector pump when cranking engine (removed one injector pipe and replaced with a clear plastic tube so I could see if anything was coming out.)

Is there something simple I should do before I remove the pump to test it?
Hi I'm Thomas welcome to just answer. It sounds like you've covered all your bases. As long as the pump is actual turning with the engine and you have fuel flow to the pump and your solenoid has power and ground at the solenoid you have a bad injector pump.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sounds like the next step is to remove it (ugh) and see if maybe the gear isn't turning it. Also need to verify that the solenoid is really working in system (it worked on the bench).

Question: I have heard that the govenor on this unit tends to break up and clog the unit. Is that a possibility?

Question: Is there a rebuild kit for this dude? If so, do you have any recommended sources? Don't really want to spend $500-$600 for a new pump ...

Question: Do you know of anyone that rebuilds these (assuming I can't do it myself).

Question: Do you have any recommendations of any inexpensive alternatives or sources for injector pumps?

The ones I have replaced were damaged by the ultra low sulfur diesel, it does not lubricate the pump as the old diesel did. You can help that by running a quart or 2 of transmission fluid in your fuel.
I don't know of anyone offering a rebuild kit for it. The supplier I use is it cost about $450 there. but there is a core charge that is refundable.
You can always put one a used one but you never know what you'll get.
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