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Chevy venture: lifters..runs also surges when you accelerate

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I'm working on a chevy venture. The hyd valve lifters had to be replaced. Now it runs rough and has a whistling sound it also surges when you accelerate. I have replaced the spark plugs,checked all the lines & fittings, pcv valve,electrial connectors, could it be dirt in the fuel injectors?

Dirty injectors could be the problem but I don't think that would explain the whistling noise. I would suspect a vacuum leak first.

What year is this Venture? Engine size? Also, is the check engine light on and do you have any method of reading codes or anything?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry i thought i had put in the yr my bad! Its a 1999 with a 3.4 V6. I have got a code reader but its not showing any as of now the check engine light is not on. So what would you recomend replace all the vac line boots? and hoses?
I would start by trying to locate the source of the whistling noise. Do you have a stethoscope? Or a section of rubber hose that you can listen through?
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I can probably find something! Hey Thanks John I really appreciate the info I didn't know where to go next!

Let me know what you find. If you run it a while the check engine light may come on.