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1994 Chevrolet: 6Cyl..4.3L - Body & Interiorhow..interior..trim..4x4

Customer Question

1994 Chevrolet K1500 WT 6Cyl 4.3L - Body & Interior

how do I remove & re-install the interior dash & side trim panels ?

we are trying to customize our 94 Chevy K1500 WT 4x4 2dr and don't want to risk breaking / cracking any of the panels so I need to know how to get them out to be painted, etc. and then put them back in ? Please Help???
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Nate replied 7 years ago.

1994 Chevy Truck K 1500 Truck 4WD V6-262 4.3L VIN Z


Remove or Disconnect

  1. Negative battery cable.
    • Pry out the stop cable inside the instrument panel compartment.
  1. Center accessory plate next to the compartment door by lifting from the bottom.
  2. Bolt attaching the lower left part of the door to the carrier.
  3. Compartment door.
  4. Four bolts holding the compartment to the carrier.
  5. Compartment.
    • Open the ash tray assembly.
  1. Screws holding the tray to the carrier.
  2. Tray assembly from the vehicle.
  3. Wiring connector from the back of the assembly.
  4. Four screws holding the bezel to the instrument panel carrier.
  5. Bezel from the instrument panel.
  6. Headlamp switch connector.
  7. Cargo lamp connector (if present).
  8. Radio control.
  9. Four screws retaining the heater control.
  10. Wiring connector behind the heater control.
  11. Heater control.
  12. Two screws retaining the steering column filler panel.
  13. Filler panel.
  14. Shift indicator cable from behind the instrument cluster.
  15. Instrument cluster.
  16. Air duct and two bolts.
  17. Bolts retaining the instrument panel pod and trim.
  18. Pod and trim.
  19. Lower trim panels.
  20. Speaker covers by prying up.
  21. Five upper carrier screws.
    • One from under each speaker cover.
    • Three from under the defroster vent.
  1. Parking brake handle and cable from the ratchet assembly.
  2. Two bolts retaining the hood release handle.
  3. Hood release handle.
  4. Two bolts retaining the ALDL connector under the left side of the carrier.
  5. ALDL connector.
  6. Door jamb switch.
  7. Fuse box cover.
  8. Screw holding the carrier to the instrument panel support.
  9. Nut from each side of the steering column.
    • Lift the steering column from the support studs and lower it.
  1. Left and right kick pads by prying them oft.
  2. Snap clips and bolts from the left and right bracket mounted studs supporting the carrier.
  3. Lift off the carrier.
  4. Wiring harnesses from the loom at the back of the carrier.
  5. Connector to the instrument panel compartment lamp at the back of the carrier to the left of the compartment.
  6. Five bolts holding the A/C duct to the carrier.
  7. A/C duct (if present).
  8. All wiring harnesses from behind the left side of the carrier.
  9. Ground wire at the back of the carrier.
  10. Carrier from the vehicle.

Install or Connect

  1. Carrier to the cab.
  2. Wiring harness connectors to the back of the carrier.
  3. Ground wire.
  4. Two bolts retaining the wiring harnesses.
  5. Door jamb switches to the left and right sides of the carrier.
  6. A/C duct to the carrier with five bolts.
  7. Connector to the instrument panel compartment lamp.
  8. Wiring harnesses to the loom.
  9. Carrier brackets to body studs.
  10. Bolts through the body brackets and carrier brackets.


  • Bolts to 20 Nm (15 ft. lbs.) .
  1. Clips over the body bracket studs.
  2. Five upper carrier retaining screws.


  • Upper carrier screws to 1.9 Nm (17 lbs in) .
  1. Cover over the fuse box.
  2. Hood release cable.
  3. ALDL connector.
  4. Parking brake cable.
  5. Carrier to the instrument panel support.
  6. Instrument panel pod and trim with bolts.
  7. Retaining bolts.
  8. Trim panels to the lower left and lower right of the pod.
  9. Instrument cluster with four screws.
    • Lift the steering column onto the mounting studs.
  1. Two nuts holding the column in place.
  2. Shift indicator connector onto the steering column collar.
    • Adjust the cable to make the indicator give the right gear setting.
  1. Heater wiring harness to the heater control.
  2. Heater control to the carrier with four screws.
  3. Radio controls.
  4. NC duct to the pad with bolts.
  5. Speaker covers to the top of the carrier.
  6. Kick trim panels to the left and right sides of the cab.
  7. Cargo lamp connector to the switch on the bezel (if present).
  8. Headlamp connector to the switch.
  9. Bezel onto the carrier with four screws.


  • Bezel to carrier screws to 1.9 Nm (17 lbs in) .
  1. Steering column filler panel to the carrier below the steering column.
  2. Ash tray assembly wiring connectors to the cigarette lighter and lamp (if present).
  3. Strap around the wiring harness to the ash tray assembly.
  4. Ash tray assembly to the carrier with four screws.
  5. Instrument panel compartment to the right side of the carrier with four bolts.


  • Compartment to carrier bolts to 1.9 Nm (17 lbs in) .
  1. Compartment door to the carrier with one bolt.
  2. Compartment door stop cables to the inside of the compartment.
  3. Center cover panel.
  4. Negative battery cable.
hope that helps. let me know if you run into any trouble.