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Don - Mo Lurch
Don - Mo Lurch, Auto Mech / Electronics
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Re-wiring factory radio in 2004 chevy impala ls, bought 71

Resolved Question:

Re-wiring factory radio in 2004 chevy impala ls, bought 71 series harness ( one 24 pin & one 12 pin), problem is there are two of the same color wires from the original wires (drk blue, orange, gray, black) out of the main 16 wires.

I have nothing that lets me know which wires in the new harness these duplicates go to.

I have re-connected the solid colors, green, light green, brown, pink, yellow and tan since these have a single same color wire on the 24 pin harness.

This leaves me with the following:

one white with a white/red and white/blue on the harness

two black with three black on the harness (two ground and one amp ground)

two dark blue with one dark blue, a med. blue and a blue/white on the harness)

two gray with a gray and a gray/red on the harness

two orange with two orange and one orange/black on the harness.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 7 years ago.


See if this helps






Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Lurch, I am George,


the harness I have is same style, different color alignment, it is as follows:


1a-purple----- 1b-orange

2a-orange---- 2b-grn/red

3a-blu/blk----- 3b-blu/wht

4a-blk/wht---- 4b-red/blk

5a-orn/blk----- 5b-blk

6a-wht/blu---- 6b-wht/red

7a-gray/red-- 7b-grn/wht

8a-tan--------- 8b-brown

9a-gray------- 9b-yel

10a-lt blu---- 10b-dk grn

11a-dk blu--- 11b-lt grn

12a-blk------ 12b-pink


some match the charts you sent me, some do not.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No the 12 pin is also different from what you sent
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 7 years ago.


While the pin location is different the wire colors & connections should remain the same


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok, now on the matter of the double wires on the wire assy, two blk, org, gray and dk blu.


Does it matter which of the two org and blk on the harness I connect then to?


Also, I have two dk blue and two gray on the wire assy, but only one of each on the harness.

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 7 years ago.


Can you post the complete Model Number of the 71 Series Plugs
This is METRA correct?

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 7 years ago.


Which Engine in the Impala?
Is this the Original Radio or a different Delco than what came with vehicle?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

71-2003-1 (OEM Harness Full Pin GM 98-08 Wiring Harness)


A V6 - 3800 Series and it is the original radio.

Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 7 years ago.


Do you have the wiring Guide from METRA for it, that shows the Pin configuration?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, for like the orange it shows 2a (Class 2 Ser DataB) and 1b (Battery +), but how do I know which orange wires from the dash wire assy goes to which?
Expert:  Don - Mo Lurch replied 7 years ago.


Sorry, was misunderstanding


To test for DATA, you need to use a Volt / OHM Meter & the DATA wire should give you a pulse.
Voltage wires should show as the plugs show above
Test each wire as you go for voltage, (with lights on, key on, etc)
Speaker wires will be a little harder, as they will show the same for all, if this is going thru the Factory AMP. If it is, you can unplu AMP & test from Radio to AMP Plug of each wire
If no AMP, you can use a AA Battery across the Speaker wires to find the correct ones

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