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A crack in my oil pan which i fixed..oil leaking..put oil..dipstick

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i had a crack in my oil pan which i fixed and then it seemed like i had oil leaking from the top of the engine but i put oil in and now it's not leaking but there is no oil what so ever on the dipstick

Good evening.

How much oil did you add to the engine? Was the engine completely drained before you added oil?


Please let me know..Thanks, Josh

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes the engine was completely drained before i added oil and i added 2 quartes of oil when i did that i checked the dipstick which was still bone dry there was no oil at all showing on it so i started the car and ran it till it reached driving temp. nothing happened so i decided to drive the car up and down the street so i only drove not even 2 blocks and then checked again and there was absolutly no oil on the dipstick and there were small puddles of oil along the road where i had driven the car, and it only take that short distance of driving before it drains out all the oil, but once you stop driving the oil stops leaking.

Good afternoon.

The oil capacity of your engine is about 5 quarts. I am not surprised that you were no showing oil on the dip stick.

If you are only loosing oil when the engine is running you will need to slide under your car with the engine running to attempt to figure out where the source of the leak is.


My recommendation is that if you are unable to determine the source of the leak, you have a shop put it up on a lift to determine where the oil is leaking. It is not worth chancing doing damage to the engine by loosing oil pressure..


Please let me know what you see when your underneath the car and we'll go from there...


Thanks, Josh

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay while if i look at the top of the engine it looks like there is oil around the head gasket after it leaks and there is oil leak marks that go from the front of the head gasket to the bottom where the oil pan is. which would have made me think it was the head gasket. there was a crack in the oil pan from an accident that i had gotten into the whole front of the car is new there was a truck that backed into me and ended up running up onto my hood and crushed the hood into the engine as well as under the car something cracked the oil pan if any of that information helps you. also once the car is no longer driving i can see a oil puddle in a groove in the engine just under the head and oil all around the head gasket and if you wipe that off and then do it again the oil comes back.


Well I would have to say that the head gasket is the culprit. When your referring to the head gasket, are your refering to the top cover gasket(valve cover) or is it actually lower down where the cylinder haed meets the lower engine block?


Does the leak come from above ofr below the plastic intake manifold?



Thanks, Josh

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yeah i guess it would be the valve cover sorry and it has oil that sits all around the edge of the gasket and it looks to me like it is leaking from the front of it


If the leak is from the front of the valve cover, you may just need to replace the valve cover gasket.

I don't know if the truck that backed up onto your hood compressed it enough to crack the valve cover but you will want to throughly inspect the valve cover itself for signs of a crack in the aluminum.


If a crack is found, the valve cover will need to be replaced. If there is no crack found, start by replacing the valve cover gasket. The replacement gasket should be available at your local parts store...


Thanks, Josh

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