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What is i p fuse block on a 1994 chey lumima

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what is i p fuse block on a 1994 chey lumima
Hello, are you asking where is the IP fuse block? lmk thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi i want to know what is a ip fuse block? when we put a tester on the battery and pull the fuse it goes down so it has a draw on the battery when it is not running. draining the battery.replaced the fuse and does the same thing?
The IP fuse block stands for " instrument panel fuse block" the box in the car, not under hood. If you have a meter set to volts between the NEG terminal and NEG battery cable and showing full 12 volts, you need to systematically start undoing one fuse at a time in the car and under hood fuse box. you also need to remove the large REd wire at back of alternator. Alternators can go bad and cause draw. be advised this test procedure is not 100% accurate. the car will always drraw some voltage due to computer, clock etc . You may want to pull any fuse marked clock, radio, room then continue with testing. When you are checking for draw. rememeber if you are pulling fuses from IP fuse box ( one inside car) you need to depress the interrior light botton on door fram as the volts will show high like dooor is open and interrior lighs are on. battery draws can be ahard to find. You just need to pull one fuse at a time, unhook alternator and be sure to check trunck light , glovebox light as these you can not see when the trunk is closed or glovebox closed
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi we had the alternator tested, good,pulled all the fuses and the only one that draws is under the hood on left side of car marked 60 amp, i/p fuse blockwe went in to the trunk and closed it no not know what else to do? thanks
The 60 amp fuse you pulled is the fuse that powers the fuse box in the car. this means one of the circuits in the IP fuse box in car is causing the draw. You should then be able to pull one fuse at a time from the IP fus ebox till meter drops a little and see what circuit is the problem. remeber to do this with door shut or door light button pushed in. this is the best info as i can send you. No way for me to tell you 100% what the problem is. Only direct you as to how to narrow down. It is obviously a circuit on the inside of car fuse box causing the draw