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2000 GMC: My drivers seat is stuck..thread bolt..split second

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I have 2000 GMC Sierra. My driver's seat is stuck in the full forward position and will not go back. The seat motor attempts to turn and you can actually feel the thread bolt on both sides attempt to turn for a split second but nothing more.

When you push the seat control to go forward ....the right side of the seat kind of grinds(gears spinning) but does move just a little forward...but only the right side...which makes the right side more forward than the left. So when you attempt to go back.. the right side does retreat back slightly to where it once was. But the whole seat is still fully forward.

Any help would be appreciated? I explored what it would take to take off the seat and it did not appear to be straight forward. So if I need to do that ...then i may need some advice on seat removal too.


Welcome. First let me say that you will likely need to replace the seat riser which has the adjuster mechanism in it. As for taking it off, this could be the pain because of the location of the bolts.

Object Number: 363709  Size: SH

  • Disable the SIR by taking the battery off.
  • Move the seat to the full rearward position. Remove the front seat bolt cover (3), if equipped.This will be a pain and may require cutting the seat riser apart.
  • Remove the seat retaining rear bolts (1).
  • Move the seat to the full rearward position in order to remove the seat retaining front nuts (2).
  • Disconnect the electrical harness, if equipped.
  • Remove the seat from the vehicle.
  • Object Number: 378528  Size: SH

  • Remove the screws retaining the seat back release handle and the seat recliner handle and remove the handles.
  • Remove the remaining screws retaining the trim panel to the seat.
  • Remove the trim panel from the seat.
  • Object Number: 381493  Size: SH

  • Remove the outboard seat belt anchor nut. Pull the belt through the seat cushion.

  • Object Number: 378531  Size: SH

  • Remove the front nuts (2) on the underside of the seat cushion.

  • Object Number: 407184  Size: SH

  • Unsnap the lumbar cable (6) (disconnect the lumbar wire harness if equipped with power lumbar).

  • Object Number: 378531  Size: SH

  • Lift the seat cushion up off the rear plastic holders (1) on the underside of the seat cushion, and pull forward.
  • Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    The second step which iyou mention is to ....

    Move the seat to the full rearward position.


    This step cannot be performed because ...the seat will not move rearward (backward)....which prevents getting to any bolts under the front seat.


    Also not sure I understand why I have to replace the seat riser....that part works...all other functions of the seat perform correctly except for the seat moving backwards.

    The seat riser is the part that the motor and adjuster is attached to. I also noted in there that you may have to cut the seat if you cannot get it back. There is a chance the small drive cable for the side that does not move may be out. have a look at that.
    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    OK...Where do you actually cut the seat?
    First please make sure the small cable is not off and stopping the belt from moving. Provided it is not the issue, then you simply need to cut it to get the bolts out. USe the passengers side to see where the bolts are. I have not had to so this before because this is not a common failure and the couple I have had were stuck in the rear position.
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