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1997 Blazer: Latch on glass on rear..release

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Latch on glass on rear of 1997 Blazer does not release the glass back. Motor can be heard when button is pushed but glass remains locked. Can you suggest a method for opening the glass back?
Hello Customer,

I see this happen all the time. The actuator breaks inside the tailgate to adjar the back glass. The problem is that the glass needs to be open to remove a screw to get the panel off the tailgate to manually open the glass.
Here is how I do this. I craw inside the back and remove the handle for the tailgate latch. I then grab the panel at the very top that covers the latch. I then give it a quick pull back so it breaks the panel on the inside where the screw is. You then can pull the panel back and manually pull the latch so the glass will open. Its hard to describe where to release the latch for the glass. but you can pull the panel back a little bit to see the latch and see the lever to release it. Once the glass is open, then the tailgate will open to fully remove the panel and replace the actuator. Most of the time the panel just breaks by that screw and is not noticeable at all.
Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
GM should be admonished for creating a potential death trap! The latch handle should be tied to the glass latch so that anyone trapped in the back could get out by pulling on the latch.

Getting back to the problem:

I have pulled on the panel and can just see the latch using a mirror. I can not see how to get the latch removed so I can pull the panel forward more for better visibility.

How can I remove the tailgate latch?

You need to open the back glass first to get the tailgate down. You don't remove anything until its open, You have to move a lever that releases the latch for the back glass.Here is a picture of the latch for the back glass. This is a back glass with a tailgate that opens after the glass is open right?graphic
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