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03 Chev Silverado. The gauges and dash lights are all not

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03 Chev Silverado. The gauges and dash lights are all not working when key turn on or truck started. No sign of blown fuse. Where do I look now? Everything was working fine. Just came out one day and started it up and the only thing that worked in gauge cluster was check engine light. The rest including lights & gauges all not working.



There a re a possibility of 4 different fuses that supply voltage to the cluster,make sure they are all good. UNDER HOOD FUSE BLOCK


They are IPC.DIC 10 AMP SEOB1 15 AMP




Check ground G200 located

In the HVAC Harness, on the Right Side of the I/P Near the A-Pillar Below the I/P Top Cover


G203 located

In the I/P Harness, On the Left Side of the I/P Near the A-Pillar Below the I/P Top Cover

If all these are good it is very likely that you have a faulty instrument cluster.


Upper Left of the I/P Components

Object Number: 310066  Size: MF

(1)Splice Pack 203 (SP203)
(2)Ground 203 (G203)

To repair this it will need to be sent to an AC Delco Repair facility.


RH Upper Instrument Panel

Object Number: 403970  Size: MF

(1)Instrument Panel
(2)Ground 200 (G200)
(3)Ground Stud

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Turns out cluster was dead. I checked out everything you suggested and found a wrecking yard that had a cluster. They let me plug it in and it worked. Turns out the GM had a recall of sorts on mine and other GM vehicles of certain years on instrument clusters. Since my mileage was over they at least are replacing the cluster and I pay the labor to install.


You got me going in the right direction and I finished it off with some computer research. Thanks LJ

Glad to here your problem is fixed.