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2003 Monte Carlo: 3.4L..110K..Transmission fluid has been replaced

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I have a 2003 Monte Carlo, 3.4L, 4T65E transmission with 110K miles. Transmission fluid has been replaced at recommended intervals with Dexron III. About 5K miles ago, replaced fluid and filter with DEXRON VI. Ran better, but this weekend TCC stuck on and threw code P0742, TCC stuck on.

Took car to dealer and they said it needed a new transmission. So, I said OK, replace. I have read the TSB's and it says that a new transmission is not needed, but in the online forums, there is a general feeling that once a 4T65E throws a P0742, it isn't long for this world. So, is my $3,500 well spent or did I just spend a lot of money because my dealership didn't want to tear down the trans to clean the valve body?

Also, do you think the remanufactured transmission will have all of the upgrades that have been put out over the years since 2003?

Thanks much,

Hello WAZPO4M7, it is very common for this problem to be caused by debris blocking the valve body. This has been an ongoing issue on a lot of GM vehicles. As for your vehicle, with this many miles, there is a good chances that the transmission was beginning to fail. You could have wasted the money on reconditioning the valve body just to have the transmission to fail in the next 5000 miles.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

So can I only expect to get 100K from any 4T65E?


That's depressing.

The transmission that was installed now should last longer. The newer model transmissions with the better valve bodies and clutches tend to last longer. Just keep up on the services.
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