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2005 Suburban: Z71..some of the steering wheel controls..switches..L

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I have a 2005 Suburban Z71 - some of the steering wheel controls seemed to be burned out. Only the upper left and upper right switches are backlit but the other two on the lower half of the wheel (L & R) are not. How do I fix this?

Hello and welcome.

Do you recall if the backlighting of these 2 switches burned out at the same time?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
wow, i dont know.. i just bought this truck last week, and they were already not lighting up. i noticed this morning that the up and down volume control will light up and go out so I am wondering if something is going on.


Was wondering, because i have never had them go out at the same time. All the switches are fed by the same backlighting voltage supply, so it would not make sense that there would be a common problem with them, since not all switch lights are out.


Anyway, the lighting is internal to each switch and cannot be repaired. The switches must be replaced.

They are dealer only parts.

You would need to pry out the switches very carefully, as not to damage the steering wheel trim.

The switches will come out just far enough to get a small flat blade screw driver behind them to release the electrical connector. And i do mean JUST ENOUGH.

I use a small needle nose pliers to hold the harness, then pop the switch off, then pop the new switch on, while still holding the electrical connector.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok that makes sense - one more thing, i noticed that the two switches that still light up get very hot after about 15 mins of driving. does that mean i need to replace those as well?

They do get warm, but not hot.

If they are pretty hot, more than warm, it would probably be a good idea to replace them as well. They may be on there way out too.


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