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1988 chevy: cranks good,idles good...when..stumble..throttle body

Resolved Question:

i have 1988 chevy pickup 305 tbi. cranks good,idles good.when you are driving it and push the gas it will stumble and spit back through throttle seems like a fuel problem but i can't figure it out.i put new fuel filter,had the fuel pressure checked,checked out ok.i put 2 oxygen sensors on it,because it puts a code 44 on the obm when it runs like it does, HELP
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Gary replied 7 years ago.
if that is farting up threw the throttle body when you mash the is a definite spark/ignition is sending spark at the wrong time..misfiring..i would remove the cap and rotor and look close at the reluctor wheel that is pressed onto the dist shaft look with a flashlight and see if the magnet is cracked.and also take a screw driver and see if that wheel can be moved with a screwdriver..that wheel should NOT is pressed onto the shaft..if it moves the timing will change when you accelerate
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the distributor was taken out to replace pickup could he have got it off a tooth when he put it back in.
Expert:  Gary replied 7 years ago.
no..if it was off a tooth it wouldn't even idle will more than likely be in the distributer..expecialy if you have new cap,rotor,wires,plugs in it...NOW im just curious did this happen all of the sudden?did anything that was done help it at all?make it worse?and im assuming all this stuff was done to try to correct the popping threw the intake when you accelerate?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i bought the truck and i put the new plugs and wires cap and rotor button and changed oil.i was driving it after this and it was running fine. it ouit one day while i was driving it and had to put ignition module in it.after that the coil went out,and had to change.after that it started running the way it is now.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there seems to be a problem with solving my has been about 10 hours with no reply.
Expert:  Gary replied 7 years ago.
what we should do to eliminate anything else but a distributer problem would be to do a compression test..sometimes head gaskets can cause this can you do a compression test on all 8 cylinders?
Expert:  Gary replied 7 years ago.
and the reason i am saying this is sometimes a head gasket can be blown out between 2 cylinders and when you accelerate it can send the cylinder firing threw the other cylinder and it will pop up threw the we will always do a quick compression test to eliminate that..if the compression test is good then i would be there is a problem in the distributer