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2005 chevy trailblazer: the 4 wheel drive knob was flashing..wrench

Customer Question

good evening i own a 2005 chevy trailblazer i left home a lil bit ago and theXXXXXknob was flashing in red !also theXXXXXmaintiance light with the little wrench came on!what could b the cause of this something minor or major?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 7 years ago.


the most common problem woud be the transfer cae acuator[encoder]it may need to be replaced


please ACCEPT my answer so I can get credit for my work.i don't receive commission unless you do ..i'm not always going to be giving you good news,so please dont let this stand in the way of you accepting my does not cost you more money.we will still be able to communicate.. Bonuses and positive feedback are appreciated!if you are not satisfied with my answer,please do not leave bad feed back,i will gladly opt out and let another expert handle the question.PLEASE ASK IF YOU NEED MORE HELP

Drivetrain - 4X4 Lamp Flashing/4WD Inoperative/DTC's Set

Bulletin No.: 04-04-21-004

Date: December 16, 2004


4WD Switch Indicator Lights Flashing, 4WD Inoperative, DTCs C0327, P0550 Set (Replace Transfer Case Encoder Sensor, Reprogram TCCM)


2004-2005 Buick Rainier
2002-2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer EXT
2002-2005 GMC Envoy, Envoy XL
2004-2005 GMC Envoy XUV
2002-2004 Oldsmobile Bravada


with Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)


Some customers may comment that the Service 4WD light is on, the 4WD system is inoperative or the 4WD switch indicator lights are blinking.

Service Diagnosis

Technicians may find DTC C0327 in the Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM). This would indicate an encoder sensor malfunction.

It is also possible that the module may be in a mode that will not allow any shifts or updates for the software or calibrations. If this occurs, the TREC fuse (in the engine compartment) must be pulled and reinstalled after 30 seconds.

This should allow further operation and service of the system. If a C0550 code is found, this is an unrelated concern and SI diagnostics should be followed for this concern.


Important: Carefully handle and install the new encoder. Improper installation of the encoder could result in a repeat failure.


1.Raise the vehicle.


2.Disconnect the transfer case motor/encoder wiring harness.


3.Remove the four bolts that secure the motor/encoder to the transfer case.


4.Remove the motor/encoder from the transfer case.




5.Remove the black plastic gasket/over plate from the motor/encoder.




5.1.Push out the two "single" locking tabs (two lower arrows in illustration above) located on the underside of the housing (motor end).


5.2.At the other end of the gasket/cover plate, place a flathead screwdriver tip (1) between the gasket/cover plate and the motor housing near the "dual" locking tabs. Twist the screwdriver clockwise/counterclockwise at both sides until the locking tabs break and the gasket/cover plate comes off.


5.3.Discard the gasket/cover plate.




6.Avoiding the wire connection, take two small flathead screwdrivers (one on each side of the encoder) and rock the encoder sensor out using light pressure on each screwdriver.


7.Gently remove the encoder sensor from the wire harness connector. Pry these apart by inserting a small flathead screwdriver between the terminals and the harness connector. Verify that no damage or corrosion exists on either male encoder terminals or female wiring harness terminals.




8.Install the new encoder sensor by connecting to the harness and then gently sliding the encoder sensor over the motor shaft. The hex feature (3) on the encoder should face down toward the motor housing. Make sure the tab (1) on the encoder mates with the notch (2) on the shaft. If the encoder tab is not aligned with the output shaft, rotate the encoder inner ring by hand to mate properly. Press the encoder fully onto the shaft and into the housing.




^Make sure the encoder cover (1) is flush or below the surface of the motor housing and fully seated into place.


^Ensure that the new encoder/harness assembly is fully seated to the encoder sensor.




9.Install a new gasket/cover plate. This should snap into position. Make sure all the tour tabs are FULLY engaged.


10.Install the motor/encoder onto the transfer case using four M8-1.25 X .35 flange head bolts.



Tighten all four bolts to 13.5 to 17.6 N.m (10 to 13 lb-ft).

11.Connect the transfer case motor/encoder wiring harness.


12.Following normal SPS reprogramming procedures, reprogram the transfer case control modul with the latest software calibration.


13.Verify that the 4WD system is operational.




Parts Information

Parts are currently available from GMSPO.

Warranty Information