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trying to remove the 350 from my 2000 chev van 3..ton..disconnect

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I am trying to remove the 350 from my 2000 chev van 3/4 ton and i dont know what to really do with the air conditioning as the rad for it goes through the front clip of the van and i can not seem to get it to move out of the way. Do i have to disconnect the lines in the air conditioning or is there another trick?

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Unfortunatly, you will need to remove those lines and remove the radiator and condensor to get the engine out. I have done a couple of these and they are not the funnest, thats for sure. Make sure you try and cap off the lines or bag off the lines so no dirt gets into the A/C system.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So what will happen to the airconditioning fluid when i open the line?
It will blow out. Loosen the lines slowly so the refridgerant leaks out slowly. If you have access to an A/C recovery machine, that would be the proper way.
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