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Michael Moore
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2002 Chevy Avalanche Z71 4x4, Service Engine Soon light illuminated.

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2002 Chevy Avalanche Z71 4x4, Service Engine Soon light illuminated. Auto Zone code is P0332. Purchased 1 x Knock Sensor. Kid told me he thought it was on engine block located just above oil pan. I seem to find it is on top of engine below intake manifold. Is this something I can replace easily?
Yes you can remove the intake. It has about 10 small bolts, some eletrical connectors and you have to disconnect the fuel lines. Its best to replace both knock sensors, there are 2. They are both under the intake, there is a short wiring harness going to them, they have rubber plugs covering the sensors. Most common failure for these sensors is moisture gets under these plugs and rust out the sensor and connector. Make sure the connector going to the nock sensor is not rusted. If they are, then you have to replace the harness. Your local dealership will have the harness. If the harness s good, replace the sensors and use engine sealant to seal the rubber plugs to keep moisture out.
You will need to replace the intake gaskets when you remove the intake as well.

Object Number: 642285  Size: SH

Object Number: 54608  Size: SH

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