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My ac compressor sounds like the pully bearing are bad..intermitent

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my ac compressor sounds like the pully bearing are bad. the sound is intermitent. what can i do?
If you're sure that it's coming from the compressor, you can replace that pulley/bearing without removing the refrigerant. It's tough to get your hands in there to work on it, but it's possible. In the short term, I think I would remove the AC belt altogether and make sure the noise is gone, just to verify the problem. If the pulley bearing has failed, you can generally feel the looseness when turning the pulley by hand with the belt off.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
could it be anything else other then the bearings that doesnt involve replacement of the whole compressor. i know for sure that is the location of the noise but just nurvous about haveing to replace the compressor.
You can replace the pulley bearing without replacing the compressor. It's held on by snap rings, and it takes some finesse and perhaps a special tool to remove the clutch, but it can be done, certainly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thanks jerry!

You're welcome. Are you going to try to do this yourself? I can provide you with the procedure, if you'd like.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

sure! that would be great

OK, hang tight for a minute.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Tools Required

J 34992 Compressor Holding Fixture
J 33013-B Clutch Plate and Hub Assembly Installer-Remover

    Object Number: 258025  Size: SH
    Click here for detailed picture of above image.
  1. Clamp the J 34992 in a vise.
  2. Use thumb screws in order to attach the compressor to the holding fixture.
  3. Notice: Do not drive or pound on the clutch hub or shaft. Internal damage to the compressor may result. The forcing tip on the J 33013-B remover/installer center screw must be flat or the end of the shaft/axial plate assembly will be damaged.

  4. Ensure that the center screw forces the tip to thrust against the end of the shaft.
  5. Thread the J 33013-B into the hub.
  6. While holding the body of J 33013-B of the remover with a wrench, turn the center screw into the remover body in order to remove the clutch plate and hub assembly (1).
  7. Remove the shaft key. Retain the shaft key for reassembly.





Tools Required

J 6083 Snap Ring Pliers
J 33023-A Puller Pilot
J 41552 Pulley Puller
J 29886 Driver Handle
J 9398-A Bearing Remover

    Object Number: 258032  Size: SH
    Click here for detailed picture of above image.
  1. Remove the clutch plate and hub assembly. Refer to Compressor Clutch Plate and Hub Assembly Removal .
  2. Use the J 6083 in order to remove the following components:
  3. The pulley rotor (1)
    The bearing assembly retaining ring (2)

    Object Number: 258034  Size: SH
    Click here for detailed picture of above image.
  4. Install the J 33023-A to the front head.
  5. Install the J 41552 down into the inner circle of slots (1) in the rotor.

  6. Object Number: 258031  Size: SH
    Click here for detailed picture of above image.
  7. Turn the J 41552 clockwise in the slots in the rotor.
  8. Perform the following steps in order to remove the pulley rotor and bearing assembly:
  9. 6.1. Hold the J 41552 in position.
    6.2. Tighten the puller screw against the puller guide.
    6.3. Remove the pulley rotor and bearing assembly.

    Object Number: 210141  Size: SH
    Click here for detailed picture of above image.
  10. Use the following procedure in order to properly support the rotor hub during bearing removal in order to prevent pulley rotor damage:
  11. 7.1. Remove the forcing screw from the J 41552 .
    7.2. Ensure that the puller tangs still engage in the rotor slots.
    7.3. Invert the assembly onto a solid flat surface or blocks.

    Notice: It is not necessary to remove the staking in front of the bearing to remove the bearing, however, it will be necessary to file away the old stake metal for proper clearance for the new bearing to be installed into the rotor bore or the bearing may be damaged.

  12. Use the J 9398-A and the J 29886 in order to drive the bearing out of the rotor hub.



The instructions show the compressor being worked on removed from the truck, but you can do this with the compressor still attached. you have to remove the fan and shroud to get some room to work.

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