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75 R16: a 2003 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab 2500 hd 4x4..V8..tire pressure

Customer Question

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab 2500HD 4x4 with a 6.0L V8 and recently put 295/75 R16 Nitto Terra Grappler all terrain tires on it. I'm not for sure what the correct tire pressure is for my truck. Can you help me out?
(truck is completely stock)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 7 years ago.


the recomended presure is printed on the tire


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Inflation Pressure

When you inflate the tires to the recommended inflation pressures, the factory-installed wheels and tires are designed in order to handle loads to the tire's rated load capacity. Incorrect tire pressures, or under-inflated tires, can cause the following conditions:

  • Vehicle handling concerns
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Shortened tire life
  • Tire overloading

Inspect the tire pressure when the following conditions apply:

  • The vehicle has been sitting at least 3 hours.
  • The vehicle has not been driven for more than 1.6 km/h (1 ml) .
  • The tires are cool.

Inspect the tires monthly or before any extended trip. Adjust the tire pressure to the specifications on the tire label. Install the valve caps or the extensions on the valves. The caps or the extensions keep out dust and water.

The kilopascal (kPa) is the metric term for pressure. The tire pressure may be printed in both kilopascal (kPa) and psi. One psi equals 6.9 kPa.

Inflation Pressure Conversion (Kilopascals to PSI)

Tires with a higher than recommended pressure can cause the following conditions:


  • A hard ride
  • Tire bruising
  • Rapid tread wear at the center of the tire

Tires with a lower than recommended pressure can cause the following conditions:

  • A tire squeal on turns
  • Hard steering
  • Rapid wear and uneven wear on the edge of the tread
  • Tire rim bruises and tire rim rupture
  • Tire cord breakage
  • High tire temperatures
  • Reduced vehicle handling
  • High fuel consumption
  • Soft riding

Unequal pressure on the same axle can cause the following conditions:

  • Uneven braking
  • Steering lead
  • Reduced vehicle handling

See the Tire Placard for specific tire and wheel applications and tire pressures.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I know the recommended tire pressure is printed on the tire but that's a max value. I didn't necessarily want to run it at max pressure. I asked this question because I was concerned I was running the tire a little too tight to begin with. Riding new tires when you're used to old and abused ones is like night and day. I'm still getting used to the new feel of the truck and was hopin' to get a recommended range.
Expert:  AZ_HUNTER replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer!


I suggest that you adjust the tire pressure to what it states on the vehicle information placard located in the drivers door opening. We set all tires to this value at the dealer I work at.

AZ_HUNTER, GM World Class Tech
Category: Chevy
Satisfied Customers: 401
Experience: 16 years GM Tech, ASE Master Certified
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