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99 suburban: my oil pressure..gauge which causes my check gauges light

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Just yesterday my oil pressure in my 99 suburban dropped very low. At idle it is at 10 on the gauge which causes my check gauges light to come on. When driving it goes up to above 20. Still lower than normal. What could this be. Sending unit, oil pump?
well the only true way to find out if the oil preasure is realy running that low or there is a problem with the sender or the guage is to install a mechanical oil preasure guage to the engine is see what the oil PSI is.if it just happened out of the blue all of the sudden and there is no engine noises and the oil is clean and full i would suspect the oil sender being the problem..but like i said the correct way to find out is to get a real time mechanical oil guage hooked up in place of the sender and see what it reads
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have a friend bringing that over, can you help me with the next steps. I have the chilton and think I can get it on. It gets kind of vague after that. Really I need to know after that, if it reads fine then it is the unit. But if not how to I tell if it is the pump or something worse and what is that and how do I do any of the above? I know that is a huge question so please help as you can and let me know how you can help me past this question. How do you get compensated with technical advice through a repair?
yes if it reads fine you are correct the sender is more than likey bad.when you are 100 satisfied click accept and then that compensates me..if the oil PSI is low with the mechanical guage then there is a problem internally either oil pump or what usually causes low oil preasure is a bearing in the engine that has gone bad and when it does oil preasure will drop..the oil preasure in an engine is very similar to a garden hose with your thumb over the end you see how it makes preasure with your thumb over it but if you take your thumb off of it there is hardley and preasure coming out thats what happens if a bearing is bad the preasure will drop because the bearing spec has opened up and the pump cannot make preasure to compensate for the bearing spec that has gone preaty confident the sender is for telling between oil pump or bearing tolernace failure 99% of the time if a pump goes bad it very slowley would go bad or not work at all
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your help, I am satisfied but do want to ask a few more questions just so I can continue to learn about my truck. It has been a good car. 150K on it and not a problem. I had to replace the 2 and reverse gear in the trany but thats it. After I accept, can I ask more questions?
just repost threw this link..i will work with you threw the oil preasure problem..yes you can ask more questions..LOL..just dont beat me up and ask for like all the pin outs for the 200 wires out of the computer..LOL
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