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2003 GMC YXL DENALI - Service Ride Control Error message -

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2003 GMC YXL DENALI - "Service Ride Control" Error message
- Compressor no longer kicks on at start up for the last few weeks
- Kicked on once a few days ago and then stopped
- Intermittent "Stability Control Disabled" Error while driving
- Rear Suspension NOT sagging
- Checked fuses I thought would affect Autoride - none burnt out assuming I checked the right one.
- Recently replaced water pump that was leaking - was it leaking on any electrical components that could affect the Ride Control?
- Also have an oil drip that does not look like front main seal - is there any oil/hydraulic component to Autoride Shocks?
Hello, and welcome. how the abs light? is it coming on also?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ABS light is not on. No other warning lights.

"Service Ride Control" Error message comes up in window on istrument panel.

Ok, this system is a little complicated, this system has several parts and sensors and icluding the rear compressor. the first place to correctly check this system out is to have the system scanned for trouble codes. this requires a High end scan tool called a GM tech 2 scan tool, normally found at the dealers. once a trouble code has been pulled from the system, this would give us a much better idea what the problem is. here is some of the possible parts that could be the problem. pretty sure the oil drip is not related to the ride control


The ESC system consists of the following:

The ESC module
The compressor/leveling module, if 1500 series
- The air pressure sensor, if 1500 series
- The exhaust solenoid, if 1500 series
The compressor motor relay, if 1500 series
The steering handwheel speed/position sensor
The suspension damper solenoids
The suspension position sensors

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Additional Info:

The "Check Engine" light was on for a while and it turns out the oxygen sensor before the cat in the exhaust needed to be replaced. So, if the exhaust temp was higher than normal - driving around in Texas in the summer (100 deg+) might that cause the exhaust solenoid to fail? A Dealer System Scan is $90. What is the cost/degree of difficulty replacing the solenoid? (I just put in new water pump myself last week)



Also: From your list above and as a practical matter/in your experience - which has the highest failure rate or is most often the cause of the Ride Control system failing?


Does the fact that I have gotten and intermittent "Stability System Disabled" warning while driving (mostly in heavy rain) lead you to think that it might be "steering handwheel speed/position sensor?"



I have seen a few bad steering position sensors go bad. the exhaust solenoid is mounted to the level compressor assembly in the rear and is probably not related to your 02 sensor problem. we see the most of is bad compessor assembly. in your case since it to happen more in heavy rain, but make me think more a compressor problem, due to it being mounted under the body and does get wet. but this is a pretty pricey part for a quess repair. I know 90 bucks is pricey, but ir would still be better than paying 300 dollars for a part you may not need