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1998 6.5L Chevy Diesel. Changing the fuel filter. books says

Resolved Question:

1998 6.5L Chevy Diesel. Changing the fuel filter. books says to Disconnect the fuel injection pump shut-down solenoid wire or the FUEL SOL relay center fuse. Not sure how to tell which one to do for my vehicle. Please let me know.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Chevy
Expert:  michael replied 7 years ago.

hello... i've added a schematic below that shows the fuse you need to remove is in the fuse block on the left fenderwell and the fuse is labeled ECM1 after removing the fuse you can use the procedure below the schematic to purge any air from the fuel filter housing.





  • Open the air bleed valve on top of the fuel manager/filter.
  • Connect a hose to the air bleed valve located on top of the fuel manager/filter and place the other end of the hose into a suitable container.
  • Remove the ECM 1 fuse from the underhood relay center.
  • Crank the engine in 10 to 15 second intervals until clear fuel is observed at the air bleed hose (wait for one minute between cranking intervals to cool down starter motor).
  • Close the air bleed valve.
  • Install the ECM 1 fuse in the underhood relay center.
  • Start the engine and allow to run for 5 minutes at idle.
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