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2006 Equinox has major leak on passenger side

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2006 Equinox has major leak on passenger side. The floor is soaked. No window were left open. I see on websites that others have had this problem. What needs to be done to FIX it?

Hello and welcome.

Is there also water on the floor in the rear compartment floor?



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't think so but I'll go check. OK?

The only water is on the passenger side in the front. Carpet is soaked. There's about an inch. Water is collecting by the console and seems to have a trail by the door but I don't see any gaps there.


Yes, check that and let me know...


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Did check and replied that no other area is wet. The passenger side is soaked.

I see other complaints of this nature have been made about this make/model. Is this a recall problem?


Yes, i did get that last info as i sent my response.

There is no recall on this problem.

There is however a service bulletin for the problem you have. This is your most likely problem.


There is a "Cowl Plenum drain" that has a fault where is does not allow water to drain quickly enough, and then enters the truck.


The cowl is the panel bewteen the hood and the windshield.

Under the hood, just below the rear hood seal, there is a rubber drain that needs to have 2 slits cut in it to allow to drain better. This drain is about in the center of the truck, on the firewall.

Here is a pic of what the drain looks like. Cut two 1 inch slits at the sides labled 1 and 2.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks!! I will accept this and bring it to the dealer on Monday. Is it possible to get a hard copy of the service bulletin?


No sorry. These are copyrighted materials.

But I can give you the number to reference.


It is

P I T 3803.


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